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About Us

The provision of transitional accommodation programme with supportive services for female ex-offenders and women in recovery from addiction and/or addictive behaviours, who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.
Vision - [email protected] is dedicated to 'a housing first' philosophy for women in recovery (WIR). Through the provision of affordable transitional accommodation programme and culturally sensitive appropriate supportive services, we envision to promote genuine re-integration of WIR into society.

Our Programmes

[email protected]'s mission is to support successful recovery and re-integration of WIR through transitional housing and supportive community resources thereby empowering them to become useful citizens without reverting to self-destructive patterns of behaviour and thus reducing recidivism rate and strengthening the fabrics of our society. The scope of programme involves person centered planning, implementation and service coordination.
It will place heavy emphasis on: Positive behavior support including:" Inculcation of good tenancy and neighbour skills " Support to develop social skills and appropriate positive relationships related to living in shared accommodation " Coordination of monthly case management meetings
" Support to access recreational and community activities, and support and encouragement to become confident and comfortable in these settings
" Support to navigate public transport and where applicable, transport to appointments and/or activities
  • Community
  • Families
  • Social Service
  • Women & Girls

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