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About Us

I Love Children (ILC) is a voluntary welfare organisation set up in September 2005 with the purpose of keeping Singapore young by advocating a higher priority to having children, educating couples on fertility wellness, and promoting a society where children are loved and mainstreamed.

We celebrate children and the joy they bring. We inculcate the value and importance of parenthood and family among Singaporeans, as well as encourage a children-friendly environment in Singapore.

Our Programmes

Fertility challenges may be caused by many factors including problems with egg or sperm production, genetic factors, age, or too much exposure to certain chemicals and toxins. It's important to raise the fertility awareness among young adults, newlyweds and married couples so that they can plan ahead when it comes to starting a family.

I Love Children plans to expand the outreach and capacity of I Love Children as Singapore's one-stop portal for Parenthood, Fertility Health and Parenting content. Support couples with fertility challenges by conducting educational programmes, support groups and workshops. Work with corporate partners to provide fertility health checks.

I Love Children has been spearheading the call to increase Fertility Health Awareness in Singapore since 2016.
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