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About Us

HUG Community Services Limited (HCSL) is a IPC-approved non-profit Social Service Agency (SSA) in Singapore that was established in 2014.

HCSL is a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), and, a charity registered organization that bring healing, restoration, and support to at-risk youth and their families through individualized, client-centric intervention and after-care programmes with hope and care.

Our Programmes

HUG Community Services Limited (HCSL) provides a range of programs and activities under three focuses - Crime Prevention, Rehabilitation & Reintegration for young people. They are delivered by the dedicated.

The newly set up Youth Hub is designed in a home-cozy feel concept which gives beneficiaries a warm welcome and sense of belonging.


HUG2HEART - A4 Women Engagement Program
Objectives - To help the ladies to reintegrate to society with confident and empower them to give valuable contribution to the community through mentorship & cultivation.

This is more than just a workshop and befriending engagement session but it is also an open opportunity for the inmates to meet their potential mentor to move on with their next phase of life through HCSL individualised after-care ROPP program (Re-Offending Prevention Program).

ROPP cater for all inmates inclusive of RTC (Rehabilitation Training Centre), which provide various services such as counselling, professional personality assessments, career coaching, educational upgrading support, job referral, leadership development etc according to individual needs. Nonetheless, unlike from many other, HCSL believes everybody lives are unique with different capabilities, strengths and adaptability, hence, ROPP do not limit our beneficiaries of dateline to make changes in their life, as HCSL believes in the journey that may be time consuming but effective.

Our Wish List


Laptops for youth's e-learning and digital marketing purpose. Electronic games for the student day care centre.

Kitchen & Appliances

Build-In oven for baking and community outreach purpose.


We would like to give thanks to our faithful and dynamic compassionate regular volunteers, most of them are students volunteers, we hope to give transportation support such as Ez-link card top up / Grab vouchers as a form of appreciation for their efforts.

Musical Instruments

harp, guitar, ang-klong

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