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ends 31 Dec 2020, 11:59 PM
Many migrant workers have made Singapore their home away from home. While most of them have their basic needs met, their quality of life may not be at a satisfactory level and some may even fall through the cracks. During this Christmas season, Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA) hopes to help guest workers by providing them with holistic care and essential items such as toiletries and hygiene products, as well as foodstuff.

Beyond meeting their physical needs in practical ways, HIA is also focused on mental wellness of the migrant workers by providing suicide prevention support, counselling, recreation activities and befriending services. This is to enable them to not give up on their dreams, through these initiatives, which will give them a shot at a better life.

HIA also helms Project Sunshine aims to alleviate the stress and anxiety many guest workers face because of the months of lockdown and uncertainties over their jobs. This is done through organised outings in selected parks, where guest workers can play games, socialise and enjoy a meal outdoors, all while adhering to safe distancing measures.

Your giving would go a long way to provide guest workers with basic necessities and also fund programmes that will enhance their well-being. #SGCares #GivingWeekSG #CityOfGood

About the Charity

Hope Initiative Alliance is an inter-racial and inter-religious alliance of social service organisations, civil groups and corporations that seeks to eradicate social inequalities across various facets of society.

As an aggregator of support and services amongst our network of hundreds of partners and associates, HIA seeks to work closely with them to help the guest workers, homeless, elderly, people with disabilities, the poor and needy communities, especially amidst the COVID-19 situation.

The Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), a movement of the Hope Initiative Alliance, seeks to provide holistic care, medical assistance, distribute Care Meals and other essentials to the guest workers housed in factory-converted dormitories.

Apart from the guest worker community, rough sleepers are another group-at-risk during this trying period. We are working with our partners to advocate temporal Safe Sound Sleeping Place (S3P) throughout the circuit breaker period, or even longer. We are also looking at channelling a small allowance or ex gratia to sustain their needs. In-kind donations are also greatly needed to facilitate their needs in temporary shelters.

For more information, visit hia.sg and sowcare.sg


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