Who makes a home?

We might have good food, good housing and good education, but according to the results of the Time Out City Life Index, Singapore is one of the world’s least exciting cities. But what makes a city exciting? What makes a city a home? To us, it’s not about how much nightlife, street food or live music around. It’s the people. It’s our values. With more and more stories of everyday heroes in the news, an increasing donation and volunteering rate*, we’re proud to say that we’re moving away from the usual definition of us being “emotionless” and “kiasu”.


There’s still more we can do to make this a #CityofGood, but for now, let’s celebrate how far we’ve come.
Come join us and truly make our Little Red Dot a home by giving to one of these uniquely Singaporean opportunties.

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*Source: IGS 2016