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ends 09 Feb 2022, 11:59 PM
Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! I hope you will support us in our causes by making a donation. Did you know that 1 in 10 Singaporeans are living below the poverty line in Singapore? That means, in affluent Singapore, there are still many families who are unable to afford basic needs in the form of food, clothing, shelter and other essential expenses. The truth is many of us aware of it and but we don't know how to put a stop to this!

This is how you can help. Food is the most fundemental basic need. Without food, one can't study nor work. If you can contribute to our charity in the form of monthly or one time donation, we hope to assist as many marginalised families as we can in Singapore with monthly food groceries. All it takes is just SGD50 (USD38) per month! That's less than the cost of a regular haircut for many of us!

If we can create a community of generous donors, it would definitely make a diference in the lives of these underpriveleged families in Singapore. Donating is really simple and secure. The money will directly go to Helping & Empowering our Neighbours (HEN) and straight to the families.

About the Charity

Helping & Empowering our Neighbours was established in Dec 2018 and our mission is to assist the low income families in Singapore and empower them with lifelong skills to help lift them from the poverty cycle. We organise food rations packing, hold women empowerment workshops, conduct early reading and storytelling in many parts of Singapore. We are now a registered charity in Singapore since March 2020.

Please donate generously as we are not funded by the government and we are wholly run by volunteers. We are also on the lookout for dedicated volunteers to join our causes.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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