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ends 31 Mar 2021, 11:59 PM
Heartware Network's #HWyouthshavenolimits campaign started in July 2020 to empower the youths of today to discover their potential and realize their aspirations know no limits. #HWyouthshavenolimits aims to transform the lives of youths with valuable experiences and guide them along their chosen paths towards building the life they aspire towards.

With the global pandemic, this campaign hopes to provide a channel for youths to work towards achieving their aspirations and make a difference to their community. #HWyouthshavenolimits hopes to give back to the youths, who have been making a difference in society through their dedicated volunteerism. Heartware Network believes that continuing to engage youths and providing them with the support to work towards their aspirations even during these uncertain times, is key to nurturing the future generation of our society.

About the Charity

We are cost-effective and efficient in developing the youths. It costs about $10 an hour to train and develop one youth volunteer for service without seeking rewards.

We conscientiously evaluate and measure our outcomes to provide value-addedness in youth development with minimal wastage or duplication.

Your donation will enable us to continue to engage our youth to be resilient, innovative in serving others, and to be entrepreneurs rooted to Singapore as their home.

Our Vision:
To be the trusted youth developer, enabling youths to become resilient and active community champions.

Our Mission:
Igniting the hearts of youths and imparting them with values, character and skills to make a real difference to the community.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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