There's a shero in all of us

Noun: a female who is admired for her strength

This month, inspired by our amazing mums, we’re all about girl power. It comes in many forms – maybe you finally stood up to your sexist boss, or maybe you finally left your abusive husband.

There’s strength in all of us, but sometimes, we need a little encouragement to kick-start it. That’s what our women and girls charities aim to do - encourage, support and empower women who don’t always realise they have this strength. Empowering women & girls isn’t just the business of well, women. It affects all of us, no matter what our age or gender. We all have a women or girl in our life that we care about – our mum, sister, daughter, friend, colleague.

We can all do something to build strength in those who need a little support, because when we do, we build stronger families and communities.