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Reinventing Womanhood : Living a Purposeful Life

We are born with a purpose. However, due to life's challenges and setbacks, we got hurt and start to lose our confidence and focus in pursuing our dreams. We start to question the meaning of life and begin to doubt our self-worth, on top of the emotional issues that we are faced with.

These struggles are common among the women-in-need (WIN) that we are reaching out to. We name our beneficiaries as WIN because we strongly believe that they are made to be WINNERs in life despite of their needs and challenges.

We strive to bring them on the path of reinvention through a holistic programme that helps to nurture their internal and external beauty. This is done through vocational skills training, community programmes, counselling and group works. It is our desire to see every single one of them exuding confidence and radiating inner beauty as they find their self-worth and identity through the programme.

Reinventing doesn't happen in a day. It happens one day at a time.

Would you join us in this reinventing journey for the woman?

Your support will goes a long way to help the young woman to start life ANEW!

About the Charity

GEM NEW START CENTRE was set up in August 2011 out of compassion to reach out to hurting girls and women-in-need (WINner)who have lost purpose in life due to life setbacks due to the wrong choices they have made in their past.

We strongly believe that every WIN can become a valuable, GRACEFUL & EMPOWERED MASTERPIECE (GEM) and they can rise above their situation and be a winner in life


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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Lim Yan Yan, Contact Person