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Formed in 2006, Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS) is a local non-profit, charity organisation, holding an Institute of Public Character (IPC) status. It aims to provide the gift of mobility and independence to the blind and visually impaired in Singapore.

Our slogan "Enabling The Visually Impaired" reflects our values to provide people with vision impairment the life skills that would enable them to be self-sufficient.

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Orientation and Mobility Training:

Aims to restore independence and mobility to our beneficiaries, conducted by specialised instructors. There are three prongs: White Cane Training, Environmental Awareness, and Mental Mapping.

Guide Dogs Programme:

Guide Dogs greatly reduce the travelling time for their handlers and warn handlers of oncoming traffic and to avoid obstacles. Thus, guide dogs share the mental responsibility with their handlers. Guide Dogs are also excellent companions and improve the emotional well-being of handlers.

Activities of Daily Living:

We equip our beneficiaries with daily living skills that will allow them to live a more self-sufficient life without having to rely on caregivers for basic daily needs.

Occasionally, we hold workshops and support programmes to continually train and provide emotional support to our beneficiaries. We also constantly seek to hold outreach talks and simulation activities with companies, schools, and the public via our events.

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