Friends fur life

In this year of the dog, let us do something for our furry friends, be it adopting an animal from a shelter to give them a forever home, giving to this cause, or volunteering with your pet.

In 2016, there were around 60,000 stray cats and 7,000 stray dogs in Singapore but only less than 5% had a chance of being rehomed*. Funds are always needed for upkeep and maintenance of shelters, and for some, a lack of funds may even mean that our furry friends will not get a roof over their heads. 


Will you lend a paw and support these charities?

Simply click on any of these campaign or volunteer opportunities below to donate or volunteer.
Better still, if you would like to fundraise for these animal welfare charities, start your very own fundraising campaign here.


*Source: Channelnewsasia