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ends 31 Dec 2022, 11:59 PM
FFFA kickstarted our #SpreadKindFood campaign in October 2022, with the distribution of 1,000
packets of Chicken Briyani from a food truck (for low-income families) in conjunction with World Food Day. This event saw people from all walks of life coming together to help others in their community.

This month, FFFA will be launching our ready-to-cook chicken vending machine in Yishun to provide easy access to ready-to-cook food items, so as to mitigate rising cost of food (especially proteins).Later this month and in conjunction with World Kindness Day, FFFA will distribute 10,000 plant-based meals cooked in three different styles (Western, Chinese and Indian) to various community groups.

Join us to spread kindness by participating in this #SpreadKindFood campaign.

Your contribution matters in spreading warmth and kindness across our communities.

About the Charity

Free Food for All (FFFA) had given out more then 500,000 meals since its inception in early 2015.

FFFA is meant for everyone and anyone who needs a meal. However, we provide special emphasis to the elderly, disabled and financially distressed. We hope that by fulfilling a basic human need for food, they will be empowered to take action and raise themselves out of poverty. We also believe that our project has the potential to foster a more gracious society and strengthen community spirit especially between neighbours.

We are hopeful and optimistic that FFFA, with the gracious help of the community, can run entirely on contributions from members of the public.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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