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ends 07 Jan 2022, 11:59 PM
As part of Rotary's commitment to serve to change lives, Rotary E-Club of 3310 has invited the partnership of Spectra Secondary School to embark on a project with the use of Irlen Lens to treat students with Visual Processing Disorder (Irlen Syndrome), a neurological disorder where the brain has difficulty processing certain wavelengths of light.
Students with this condition suffer from visual stress which can cause discomfort and difficulty with reading, copying, and writing. They are not able to see prints clearly because they see distortions such as blurring and shaking words which makes reading painful for them. They also experience physical symptoms like headaches, dizziness, eye strain, fatigue, nausea, and migraine. Visual processing and learning are intimately related. Hence, with Visual Processing Disorder (Irlen Syndrome), one's ability to learn will be compromised due to the difficulty of processing of visual information.
Irlen Syndrome can be treated with the use of Irlen lenses which filter out the wavelengths of light that stress the brain. This alleviates the symptoms of Visual Processing Disorder, enabling the individuals to process visual information more accurately and comfortably. The cost of a pair of Irlen lenses is $500.
With your generous donation, we wish to issue these Irlen lenses to help underprivileged students at Spectra Secondary School who are currently under Financial Assistance Scheme to treat their Visual Processing Disorder (Irlen Syndrome).

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FRCS is the umbrella body that unites the 23 Rotary Clubs in Singapore and is the charity arm of Rotary in Singapore. Over the past 24 years, the Foundation has transformed gifts into impactful service projects that changed lives in the community - bringing to fruition, the Rotarian ideal of "Service Above Self". In so doing, promoting the core Rotarian values of Fellowship and Global Understanding; Ethics and Integrity; Diversity; Vocational Expertise, Service and Leadership within and beyond the Rotarian community.


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