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"From birth, children from the bottom 20 per cent receive less access to financial and social resources than their peers from other socio-economic status. This gap widens with each year and its effects become evident by the time these children turn seven, when formal education begins."

It is well documented that poverty decreases a child's readiness for school through aspects of health, home life, schooling, and neighbourhood. Some of the identified problems are parental inconsistency, frequent change of primary caregivers, lack of supervision and poor role modelling.

Champions is a year-long, holistic, value-based football programme, for children and youth between 6 and 16 years old. It aims to address the gap faced by young people from disadvantaged background by facilitating an ecosystem of support and structure in their lives through partnerships with various community agencies.

The funds raised for Champions Unlimited will go towards
Providing 40 young people from disadvantaged homes with support for their studies, meals three times a week, once a week mentoring
Providing thrice a week football training to develop their values and character
Developing a football facility that will enable the running of the programme

Through the foundations laid in the programme, our hope is every young person be given the opportunity to become Champions in Sport and in Life.

About the Charity

FootballPlus Singapore was officially initiated in Oct 2013, after almost two years of planning and pilot running of various school and community programmes. FootballPlus received its charity status in June 2014 and attained IPC status in August 2016.

Since its inception, FootballPlus have grown steadily in its outreach to young people in the community and schools. Our current work sees us working with 150 players every week throughout the year. The academy works with many young people from disadvantaged and low-income families, giving out subsidies or full sponsorship to enable them to be involved in the weekly trainings. In 2020, over 85% of its players received subsidies or sponsorship to attend the trainings

Through its value-based football training programme, FootballPlus aims to impact the Football, Foundation and Future of every player.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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