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About Us

FootballPlus is a football academy that focuses on the Football, Foundation and Future of every player. Through our value-based football curriculum, we impact more than 150 children in Singapore weekly, including many from low-income families. In FootballPlus, we believe that no child should be deprived of the opportunity to fulfill their potential because of a lack of finances. To do this, more than 75% of our children receive subsidies or full sponsorship to train with us.Through a focused football curriculum and an integrated values-based curriculum, we aim to impact young people so that they can grow towards their potential in life.Your donation will enable more young people, many of whom from difficult home environments to reach their full potential in life!

Our Programmes

Academy Training
Tue & Fri (4 - 530PM, 8 Mattar Road)
Sat (9 - 1030AM, [email protected]
Sat (4 - 530PM, Geylang Methodist Secondary School)

Wed (7 - 9PM, 8 Mattar Road)
Sat (230 - 4 PM, Geylang Methodist Secondary School)

Sat (9 - 1030 AM, [email protected])

Champions Programme
The "Champions" programme is conducted in partnership with V.I.T.A.L. Projex, an Australian organisation with years of experience in using action-based learning principles to mentor youth in the development of values and lifeskills.

Time Frame - 3 months (8 sessions)
Duration - 30 to 45 mins per session
Learning Outcomes - Self-directed, intrinsically motivated individuals with the understanding of his/her goals and the ability to break their goals down into manageable steps
  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Education
  • Families

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