Is the Perfect Parent-Child Relationship Just a Dream

by Filos Community Services


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Filos Community Services pilots a new evidence researched programme "Parenting with Heart" to build resilience and empower families in the community.

This programme aims to strengthen and improve parent-child relationships through parent child bonding moments as well as skills based workshops for both parents and children on the following topics
- Understand with Heart (Understanding Child Development/Self Esteem)
- Connect with Heart (Communication Skills)
- Fight with Heart (Managing Conflict)
- Build with Heart (Helping Children realize their Potential)

We are targetting to run these workshops for vulnerable and at risk families struggling with the stresses of their circumstances and bringing up their children with limited resources.

Help us to help them become equipped to create a nurturing home environment to raise happy and confident children.

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VISION To see effective functioning of individuals and families in the community MISSION To build resilience and empower individuals and families VALUES Faithfulness Integrity Love Openness Servanthood SERVICES Family Life Services Assistance & Referral Services Children & Youth Services Elderly Services

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