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About Us

Fei Yue Family Service Centre is established in 1991. We are committed to serving and reaching out to the needy in Singapore through our diverse services and programmes. Our services and programmes include counselling, information and referral assistance and conducting community support programmes.With your kind donations, we will be able to reach out to more children and families in need, as well as seniors who are staying in rental flats. Your donations will help us to sustain our current programmes, and develop other meaningful ones that will improve their quality of life.

Our Programmes

Our programmes reach out to children, youth, families and elderly.

[email protected] Yue is a Child Protection Specialist Centre set up to provide home-based intervention to children and youth (below the age of 16) who face harm or neglect at their own homes.

Fei Yue Student Care Centre provide before-and-after school care services for primary school children who come from lower income or disadvantaged families.

Fei Yue's Eldercare Services caters to the physical, emotional and mental needs of the seniors. Our Seniors Activity Centres identify seniors staying in rental flats with little family and social support, and reach out to them to enhance their quality of life.

Our Wish List


All food items need to have Halal logo and at least 3 months shelf-life.

Wishlist for our clients at Family Service Centres
- Cooking oil
- Milo powder
- Instant coffee
- Rice
- Pasta
- Pasta sauce
- Canned food (Curry chicken, Sardines, Baked beans)
- Cereal
- Biscuits
- Condiments

Wishlist for our children at [email protected] Yue
- Milo (3 in 1)
- Canned food (Curry chicken, Sardine, Baked beans, Tuna)
- Biscuits
- Instant Noodles
- Milk Powder (1 - 6 years old)
- Rice

Wishlist for our elderly at Senior Activity Centre
- Anlene or Omega elderly milk powder
- Honey
- Tea bag
- Coffee powder
- Cranberry
- Canned food (Sardines, curry chicken, baked beans)
- Rice (1kg)
- Biscuits


Wishlist for our clients at Family Service Centre
- Washing detergent
- Dishwashing liquid
- Toothbrush/ tooth paste

Toiletries & cleaning agents wishlist for elderly at Senior Activity Centre
- Polident
- Dynamo
- Magician bathroom value pack
- Handwash
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Softlan

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  • Families

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