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(A) About Giving.sg


Q: What is Giving.sg?

Giving.sg is Singapore’s very own one-stop platform for kickstarting your Giving Journey, whether you are looking to help local charities by giving our TIME, by general volunteering; TALENT, by skills volunteering; or TREASURE, by donating.

Key Benefits of Giving.sg

Giving.sg is a safe and secure integrated giving platform. It is hosted and maintained by NVPC, a charity with Institutions of a Public Character status in Singapore. NVPC has borne 100% of the development cost of Giving.sg, which included IT security, audit, and testing, and is committed to ensuring that the platform continues to be trusted by donors and charities alike. Charities receive donations which are electronically paid into their bank accounts, saving manpower costs associated with processing cheques and donation forms, as well as, time spent handling and securing cash. Since October 2017, Giving.sg has been refreshed with a new interface and improved functions to help individuals, interest groups and corporates better their giving journeys. Giving.sg provides enhanced user experience with a sleeker design, enhanced search and saving capabilities, smart filters and customised dashboards with insights to help users track their giving efforts. The introduced functions will make giving easier and more seamless.


Q: Do I need to create an account to take action (donate, volunteer or fundraise)?

Yes, you do need to sign up for an account with us at Giving.sg - then you can choose to donate, volunteer, fundraise and more!


Q: Are my transactions on Giving.sg safe and secure?

Yes, we have created a highly secure platform for our community. Your personal details, including credit card details, are kept safe and connection to the Giving.sg server is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Therefore, our website starts with “https” and not the more common and unsecured “http”.

Our Payment Gateway Providers are PCI Level 1 Compliant (the toughest level!) and are 3-D Secure supported. Transactions made through 3-D Secure scheme is designed to be an additional layer of security for online payments to prevent fraud. This may require you to provide a one-time password (OTP) or PIN to complete your transaction, which will be sent to your mobile phone number.


Q: What fees are charged by Giving.sg?

Donors do not pay any fees. 100% of all donations go directly to the organisations to benefit the initiatives and causes they champion.

Charities pay a nominal total fee of 3%* of the donation amount, plus prevailing GST. This will cover bank charges, defray maintenance costs, and help us improve the site features and enhance Giving.sg’s user experience.

*To better support charities this season, there will be no transaction fees from 1 January 2020 to 31 March 2021.


Q: What is “TDR” and does it apply to me?

TDR refers to tax deduction receipts. If you see our TDR icon in a charity’s profile, it means donations to that charity are tax deductible. Do note that some charities specify a minimum donation amount for tax deduction.


Q: What does “I want to claim TDR (if available)” mean?

As the Charity IPC status is issued on a periodic basis, it may or may not be renewed after it expires. Charities have the discretion to adjust the minimum tax deductible amount from time to time to suit their operations requirement. If you have opted to claim for Tax Deduction on your monthly donation, do note that eligibility is dependable on the charity’s IPC status and minimum tax deduction amount at the point of billing. In the event of any dispute to the tax deduction eligibility, all decisions made by the Charities shall be final and conclusive.


Q: How do I claim tax deductions on my donations to IPCs?

When donating to an IPC (Institutions of a Public Character), ensure that the option to request for tax deduction is selected and provide the necessary details in order to receive tax deduction.

The donation details will be provided directly to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) by the approved IPC and the donation deductions will be included automatically in your individual tax assessment, or where applicable, your corporate tax assessment. There will be no physical receipt issued by Giving.sg or the charity. You may keep the email donation acknowledgment as reference for your donation.


Q: How do I set up a monthly donation for a Charity?

Sign up or Login to your Giving.sg account. Select your preferred charity under the “Donate Today” page, and enter the monthly amount you wish to donate under the MONTHLY option. Afterward, you will be prompted to enter your card and personal details. Upon successful donation you will be able to view the details in My Donation, Monthly Subscription. If you made the donation on 1st March 2018, this will be your subscription date. Your next billing date will be deducted from your default card on 1st April 2018.


Q: How do I check the list of charities which I have signed up for monthly donation?

Login to your Giving.sg account and switch to your Individual profile. Click on My Donations, then Monthly Subscription. You will be able to see the list of charities that you have signed up for monthly donations. This is where you can manage your monthly subscription settings such as modifying the donation amount and updating your default card.


Q: The expiry date for my default card used for monthly donation is ending soon; what do I need to do?

When your card is expiring soon, your bank will send a notification to us to update your card information so that your monthly donations can continue uninterrupted.
If the bank re-issues you a new card: there is no action needed from your end and the bank will update the payment gateway with the new card details.
Alternatively, you can add your new card details under your card information, and set this card as your default card for your monthly subscription to ensure your donations can continue uninterrupted.


Q: How do I change my default card for my existing monthly subscription?

You may update your payment details by logging into Giving.sg and switching to your Individual profile. Click on Account and go to the Saved Card section, click on "Add a new card”, enter the details accordingly and set it as your default card for all future deductions. If you made the donation on 1st March 2018, this will be your subscription date. Your next billing date will be deducted from your default card on 1st April 2018. Changes in the default card does not alter the next billing date cycle.


Q: Why do I see a $1 charge to my credit card’s bank statement?

When you add a payment method to your payments profile, such as a new card, you might see a $1 pending transaction on your bank statement. This is to verify that the card is issued and the bank will allow it to be authorized. This is a temporary authorization that you won’t be charged for. Depending on the bank, the pending transaction will be removed from your statement in anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.


Q: Why is my monthly subscription cancelled? I did not cancel the subscription from my end.

If you made the donation on 1st March 2018, this will be your subscription date. Your next billing date will be deducted from your default card on 1st April 2018. If the deduction on 1st April is unsuccessful, you will receive an email notification to update your payment information. A total of 3 deduction attempts will be made (1 day, 3 days and 7 days after the previous attempt). Your subscription will be automatically cancelled if the third deduction attempt is unsuccessful. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we are here to help you.


Q: How do I know that my donation will reach the charity that I donated to?

Each charity listed on Giving.sg completes a Direct Credit Authorisation Form, and provides the charity’s bank account number. This bank account number is verified with the charity’s bank. Giving.sg receives this form, bearing the original signatures and stamps of the charity and the bank. All donations to the charity through our website are then paid electronically by Giving.sg into the verified bank account. Each charity can log onto Giving.sg at any time to view its bank account number and donations made and received.


Q: How do I know if my donation is successful? What do I do if it’s not?

After you’ve made your donation, you’ll receive an email notification of its status. A donation can be unsuccessful due to a number of reasons. In case of any error, please check if the below applies and do try again.


Availability of Funds:
For credit card transactions, please ensure that your credit card transaction is within any applicable credit card limit. In the case of internet banking (IB) transactions, please ensure that there are adequate funds in your bank account and that your IB transaction is within any applicable IB transaction limits.
You could also check your internet connection and try again. Technology messes up, sometimes. If the issue still persists, please contact us at [email protected].


Q: Can I cancel my donation?

All donations made through Giving.sg are not refundable. Donations made to a charity will be for that charity only and there shall be no substitution of donations between charities.


Q: What does it mean when I “connect” with an organisation?

When you connect with an organisation, you have access to any private volunteering activities or fundraising that they start. You can connect with organisations by clicking the “connect” button on their profile page! If you can’t find the connect button, it means the organisation has not allowed users to connect with them.


Q: Why can’t I see anything on my dashboard?

It might be because you haven’t taken that action yet. Help us build a #CityofGood by donating, volunteering or fundraising!


Q: Why can’t I sign up or log in to Giving.sg using my Facebook account?

It might be because there is a Facebook app permission setting that is restricting your access. Do check your Facebook privacy settings and allow permissions to Giving.sg.


What are the supported browsers for Giving.sg?

To have the best giving experience with us on your computers, a supported, up-to-date browser is recommended. This would ensure support for your browsers and improved security and performance.

The latest 2 versions of the below browsers are supported:


Browser Operating System
Internet Explorer

Microsoft Windows

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Windows
Apple Mac OS X

Google Chrome

Microsoft Windows
Apple Mac OS X

Google Android Chrome

Google Android 4 and later


Apple iOS Safari

Apple iOS




(B) For Charities


Q: Must I be a registered charity to sign up on Giving.sg?

Any non-profit organisation registered in Singapore can use our platform to recruit volunteers for events and activities they organise. However, only registered charities can raise funds and receive donations through the platform.

Do note that religious organisations, political organisations and their affiliates, as well as any organisations that are of a non-secular or non-moralistic nature are not eligible to join. If you fit the bill, come join our giving family!


Q: Will my charity get a breakdown of donations received?

You may log into your charity’s account on Giving.sg and access your donation reports. Only the Admin role has access to this. Please check with your account administrator for role access.


Q: How can I differentiate between one time and monthly donations in my donation report?

Login to your Giving.sg account and switch to your charity profile. Click on Our Donations and select the period you wish to retrieve. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the scrollbar to navigate to the last column of the table. You will see a new column added, “Donation Type” and the new labels ONE-TIME or MONTHLY will be added.


Q: Can my charity receive a report about our volunteering activities?

Yes! Depending on what role you’ve been assigned, you can extract donation and volunteering information for your charity. Only Admin, Volunteer Managers and Volunteer Leaders* are able to access this.

*Can only access for specific activities they have been assigned the role to.


Q: What if I have regular volunteer activities?

No problem! When setting up a volunteering activity, you can choose whether you’re looking for ad-hoc or regular volunteers.


Q: Can I turn down volunteers?

Yes, you can confirm or decline volunteers who sign up for your event.


Q: Can I customise thank you emails for my donors and volunteers?

Yes, you’ll be able to access all donor and volunteer information (based on their approvals given via their Giving.sg profiles), and contact them when you want. Separately, donors and volunteers will receive simple emails from Giving.sg which acknowledge their contributions.


Q: I no longer wish for my organisation to be listed on Giving.sg. What should I do?

Simply let our team know, and we’ll remove your organisation from the platform.


Q: How can I change the bank account details of my organisation that were previously provided?

Please inform our team two weeks before your organisation’s bank account details will change.

We’ll send you a fresh Direct Credit Authorisation Form. Once you have completed the relevant information and submitted the Form to us, your organisation’s bank account details will be updated accordingly.


Q: A donor is disputing a donation transaction involving my organisation. What can I do?

Please contact the donor directly to resolve the matter. If a resolution cannot be reached, please then do contact us.


(C) For Organisations and Groups


Q: Who can join as an organisation or group?

Anyone can – from registered companies and societies to ground-up movements, or even if you’re just a group of friends wanting to do good together!

If you are a Singapore Registered Organisation (Corporate, Government Body, Educational Institution etc), you will be asked to submit a Letter of Authorisation during sign up. Once this has submitted, your account will be created.

If you are signing up as a group, you will be asked to complete a form after sign up. Once this has been submitted, your account will be created.

Do note that religious organisations, political organisations and their affiliates, as well as any organisations that are of a non-secular or non-moralistic nature are not eligible to join.


Q: What happens if I make my profile and activities private?

Setting your profile and activities (campaigns and volunteering activities) to private means that they can only be accessed by your members – people that you invite to connect on Giving.sg. Non-members will not be able to discover them through the search pages. Even if you make your profile public, you can still make your activities private!


Q: How do I change my organisation/group’s privacy settings?

You can change your group’s profile’s privacy settings on your profile page. You can choose to make your fundraising campaigns and volunteering activities public or private when you create them. If you change your mind after they have gone live – no worries! You can change this by editing your campaign or volunteering activity. Do note that if you’ve already received signups for the volunteering activity that you wish to make private, you will have to decline the signups first.


Q: How can I invite my network to join?

There are two ways you can invite your network to be a member:

  • Make sure you’re logged in as your organisation/group account, and head to your members page. You can invite your network by email, via the “Invite Members” button at the top of the page. Only Admin or Volunteer Managers can access this tab.
  • Send an email to everyone you wish to invite, with the link to your profile. After signing up for an account on Giving.sg, they will be able to request to connect with your organisation/group.


Q: What roles can I assign to members?


Roles What they can do

Sign up for private volunteering activities
Donate to private fundraising campaigns

Volunteer Leader

View all volunteering activities
View volunteer signups for selected activities
Mark volunteer attendance for selected activities*

Volunteer Manager

View all volunteering activities and volunteer sign ups
Start activities on your behalf*


Edit profile (this includes Wishlist function for Charity profiles)
View dashboard
View all volunteering activities and fundraising campaigns
Start campaigns on your behalf*

Finance Manager

View dashboard
View all donations, volunteering activities and fundraising campaigns
Export data* 


Edit profile (this includes Wishlist function for Charity profiles)
Invite members and assign roles
View dashboard
View all donations, volunteering activities and fundraising campaigns
Create/manage all volunteering activities and fundraising campaigns*
Export data*

*Only members with full access are able to have these permissions.


(D) For Donors


Q: I am concerned about the general risks related to donations made via the platform. Can you highlight some of the associated risks that I should be aware of?

While Giving.sg takes all necessary steps to ensure safe and secure giving, there are risks in the use of any online fund-raising platform. Some general risks identified are:


  1. Donation transaction errors
    • There is a possibility that the credit card holder may be charged twice for the transaction made due to clicking wrongly; other errors could result from downtime by the Internet Service Provider or 3rd party providers (e.g. payment gateway).
  2. Credit card fraud, identity theft and online security
    • There is the possibility that various threats could occur. Threats of malware, phishing, pharming and hacking attacks are some of the possible types of attacks.
    • Black-hat hackers could use the stolen credit card data from donors or exploit personal data to be used for identity theft, unsolicited marketing and spamming .


Please be assured that every care has been taken at our end to address potential risks. We subscribe to The Code of Practice for Charitable Online Fund-Raising Appeals issued by the Commissioner of Charities and liaise closely with the COC’s Office to ensure that our systems and processes are in accordance with the Code. If there are any concerns on the risks of use of the online fund-raising platform, please email us @ [email protected] or the respective charity directly.

Please refer to https://www.charities.gov.sg/Fund-Raising/Online%20Fund-Raising%20and%20Code%20of%20Practice/Pages/Code-of-Practice.aspx for what the Code of Practice for Charitable Online Fund-Raising Appeals advocates.  


Q: Why does my bank credit card or bank statement show Giving Dot SG name instead of the charity I donated to?

Your donation is first paid into the bank account of Giving.sg, so that the charity will not need to pay for having a separate merchant account. Essentially, it’s done to help the charity save some costs.


Q: What payment gateways are available if I want to make a donation?

Giving.sg has partnered with Stripe, which provides a payment gateway for credit card payments. This currently supports all local and international VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit card transactions.

Want to make quicker transactions with your mobile apps? You can now make donations via NETS QR (desktop only), through supported mobile apps e.g. NETSPay, DBS PayLah!, OCBC’s Pay Anyone and UOB’s Mighty app.

For users making eNETS donations via your Giving.sg mobile site, do note that only NETSPay app is available for this payment gateway.


Q: Do you accept PayPal?

Sorry, we don’t support PayPal transactions.


Q: If I have an international credit card, can I make a donation?

Yes, any international VISA or MasterCard credit card can be used to donate.


Q: What currency are all donations in?

Donations will be made in Singapore dollars.


Q: I want to donate what I can; what’s the smallest and largest amount I can donate?

Every little bit counts! The smallest amount you can donate to a charity in one transaction is $10, and it goes up to $100,000. But there is no limit to the amount your Giving Basket can hold, meaning you can donate to as many charities as you like! (Eg. you can donate $100,000 to 5 different charities, bringing your Giving Basket to a total of $500,000). However, you can only checkout up to $999,999 each time, when using debit/credit card, due to payment gateway limitations. Remember, you can always donate multiple times a day, any time of the day. Just bear in mind that this depends on your credit card or internet banking limits applicable to the relevant banks.


Q: What is the difference between donations to a non-profit's fundraising campaign and donations to an individual's fundraising campaign, if they are both benefiting the same charity?

There is no major difference. A charity can create multiple fundraising campaigns for different causes, beneficiaries or events. As an individual, you can start fundraising campaigns linked either to a charity, or one of their specific campaigns.


Q: I’m not 18 years old yet! Can I still donate to the charity I wish to support?

If you are between 13 to 17 years old, you need to obtain parental consent to make a donation on Giving.sg. If you are 18 years or older, you can donate freely!


Q: If I donate in the last week of Dec 2017 to an IPC and the donation amount meets the minimum tax deductible amount, will my donations be eligible for tax deduction for the Year of Assessment 2018?

Please check directly with the respective charities whether the donation will be allowed in your tax assessment for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2018 before proceeding to make a donation. In the event of any dispute to the tax deduction window period, all decisions made by the Charities shall be final and conclusive.


Q: How do I use NETS QR on desktop?


  1. On the checkout page, select “Credit/Debit Cards or Scanning NETS QR Code”. Choose the "Scanning NETS QR Code" option.

  2. A NETS QR code (see below) will appear on the screen. This QR Code is valid for 5 minutes.

  3. On your mobile phone, log in to one of the payment apps that support NETS QR such as NETSPay, DBS PayLah!, OCBC’s Pay Anyone and UOB’s Mighty app.

  4. Scan the NETS QR code, review the amount displayed on the app and proceed to make the donation. And you’re done! A donation confirmation notification will be sent to your designated email address once the transaction is completed.


Q: What are the payment apps that support NETS QR on desktop?

DBS PayLah!, OCBC’s Pay Anyone, UOB’s Mighty and NETSPay.  


Q: How do I use NETSPay on mobile?

  1. On the checkout page, select “Credit/Debit Cards or NETSPay” and tap on NETSPay payment mode to make donation.
    Note: Please ensure NETSPay app is installed on your mobile devices. You may download the app from App Store (for IOS) or Play Store (for Android) if you have not done so.

  2. Upon tapping on Donate Today, NETSPay app will be activated on your device to complete the payment.
  3. Review the amount displayed on the app and proceed to make the donation. And you’re done! A donation confirmation notification will be sent to your designated email address once the transaction is completed.


(E) For Fundraisers


Q: I want to raise funds for my charity! How do I get started?

If your chosen charity is already listed on Giving.sg (yay!), you can head here to start a campaign for them. Remember, you can add personal touches to the story behind your campaign through photos, videos and anything else you were inspired by! If your chosen charity isn’t part of our happy family, please get in touch with them and encourage them to join!


Q: I want to fundraise for a friend who needs help. Can I?

Currently, you can only start fundraising campaigns to support the charities listed on Giving.sg. If you wish to raise funds for a friend or individual, you can put him/her in touch with a charity that can help. You can find a list of all charities in Singapore on the Charity Portal .


Q: Is there a minimum or maximum goal that I can set for my fundraising campaign?

You can set a minimum fundraising target of S$100, and up to a maximum of S$2,000,000.


Q: Can I extend the length of my campaign?

You can extend the length of campaigns that are ‘live’ (ie. not yet expired), as long as the entire campaign period does not exceed 365 days from the start date of the campaign.


Q: How can I make my fundraising campaign successful?

While the stories behind everyone’s fundraising campaigns may vary, we do have a few basic tips to offer you to make your fundraising a success!

  1. Get creative with your campaign! Some ideas include giving up a birthday gift in exchange for a donation, an online auction/sale, or giving up coffee for a week. You can also do something adventurous, like organising a dance marathon or climbing a mountain.
  2. Set a goal - start with a realistic fundraising target (eg. $1,000) so that it is less intimidating for donors. Run your campaign for a set period of time, say two months, to create some sense of excitement and urgency among potential donors.
  3. Tell a story – share what your campaign is about, and who or what it will impact. Focus on how your campaign, with support from donors, will benefit your beneficiary.
  4. Use visuals – add pictures to your campaign page because it always makes a story more appealing.
  5. Spread the word – use social media to promote your campaign, but don't rely on it completely. Emails can be more personal and impactful. You can also send the campaign link to your contacts.


Q: What should be the dimensions and file sizes of photos that I upload to my fundraising campaign page?

The recommended image size that you can upload on Giving.sg should be 675px by 368px in dimension, up to 1 MB, with a resolution of 72 dpi. To optimize the image quality, it is recommended to use an image with sRGB colour space. These attributes can be set in most popular editing apps (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Pixlr, etc).


Q: Can I upload videos to my fundraising campaign page?

Yes, you can link to YouTube videos only.


Q: Do I need a license to fundraise through Giving.sg?

No license is required for fundraising activities conducted on Giving.sg. However, if you conduct any fundraising activities outside of Giving.sg and in public, a license is still required, even if the activities are linked to the Giving.sg campaign.


Q: Do I need a license to conduct activities outside of Giving.sg that are related to my online campaign? (eg fulfilling campaign promises in public following a completed donation campaign conducted on Giving.sg)?

If your activities are conducted in a public space you may still need to comply with regulations concerning public fundraising. Please check with NCSS or the Singapore Police Force.


Q: Can I create a campaign for foreign charitable purposes? Are they tax-deductible?

If you wish to conduct any fundraising appeals for foreign charitable purposes, you must apply for a permit from the office of the Commissioner of Charities. To apply for the permit, you must be an organisation (be it incorporated or unincorporated) in Singapore and submit the application at least 30 days before the commencement of the fundraising appeal. It is the joint responsibility of the campaign owner and the charity to get the necessary permits before any campaigns are submitted and approved on Giving.sg. Please refer to the Charity Portal for more details. Donations to campaigns that are for foreign charitable purposes are not tax deductible.


Q: How do I get my campaign on your home page?

We use an algorithm to choose the “Trending Campaigns” displayed on our home page; this is based on the most amount of donations received in the shortest amount of time.


(F) For Volunteers


Q: I’m not 13 years old yet! Can I still volunteer?

13 is the minimum age required by Giving.sg. But certain volunteer activities do specify a minimum age, that may be older than 13! If you are a parent who has signed up for a volunteer activity and wish to bring your children along, please consult the relevant Volunteer Leader or contact person of the activity on whether this arrangement will work.


Q: Can I withdraw my application to be a volunteer?

Yes, you do have the option to withdraw from a volunteer activity after you have signed up. However we do recommend that you avoid withdrawing your participation if you have already been confirmed for an activity. The charity may have already allocated resources and planned tasks based on your initial sign up. Do volunteer responsibly!


Q: Can I obtain proof of attendance or certification for my volunteer hours?

After the activity is over, the Volunteer Leader in charge of the activity will update the number of hours contributed by each volunteer. To view or retrieve your volunteer records, log into your individual Giving.sg account, go to your profile page, and then click on the “My Volunteer Activities” link to see the total hours you have contributed as a volunteer. If you need further endorsement, you may contact the charity directly, or the Volunteer Leader of a particular activity that you volunteered for.