(B) For Non-Profit Organisations


(C) For Donors


(D) For Campaign Owners

(E) For Volunteers 


Q: What is Giving.sg?

A: Giving.sg is Singapore’s very own one-stop portal for empowering all of us on our Giving Journey, whether we are looking to help local non-profit organisations (NPOs) by giving our TIME, by general volunteering; our TALENT, by skills volunteering; or our TREASURE, by donations.

Giving.sg brings together its predecessors sggives.org and sgcares.org, both of which have helped raise over S$51 million for more than 350 local non-profits, as well as seen over 40,000 volunteers generously gift their time to these [local] non-profits.

Q: I am already a registered user on SG Cares / SG Gives. Do I have to create a new account?

A: YAY! We are so excited for you to embark on Giving.sg! We have moved all registered users from SG Cares (up to 7 April 2016) and SG Gives to Giving.sg.

Users who have signed up on SG Cares or SG Gives – on or before 7th April 2016 – have their account available on Giving.sg. Simply use the same email address you registered with earlier, to sign in to Giving.sg. 

Unfortunately, your old password will not work on Giving.sg. But don't worry, as a security measure, all you have to do is reset your password! 


  • For all SG Gives users, and SG Cares users who registered before 7 April 2016, your account has been moved over!  
  • For users who registered on SG Cares between 7 April and 30 September this year, your account will be moved over by 14 October 2016. 
  • Meanwhile, you can sign up for a new account on Giving.sg to get started! Please use the same email address for us to link your accounts on Giving.sg.


Q: How do I verify my Giving.sg account?

To verify your account, you will need to reset your password. Here’s how you can do that:

Step 1: Click on ‘Sign In’ on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Click on ‘Forgot your password’ and a new screen appears.


  • Enter the email address you registered on SG Cares / SG Gives.
  • If you had different email addresses on both portals, please enter the one used on SG Gives. 

Step 3: Follow the reset password instructions that you will receive in your inbox. Choose a new alpha-numeric password, with a minimum of 8 characters.

Last step: You will be asked to verify your account as a security measure. Enter the verification code and follow the instructions you receive in the following email.

Once you have verified the account, you have activated your SG Cares / SG Gives registered email address on Giving.sg.
You can now start to donate, volunteer of fundraise for your favourite charities!


Q: As an existing SG Cares / SG Gives user, how do I access my profile and account history on Giving.sg?

A: Good news! All relevant data on your past donation and volunteering activities will be moved over to your Giving.sg account by 14 October 2016.

Individual and Registered Organisation users are advised to login to SG Gives (by 31st March) and SG Cares (by 30 Sep) to view and download all your past records for your reference.

*SG Gives closed as of 31 March 2016.


Q: I did not register on SG Gives but made donations. Can I still access my records on Giving.sg?

A: Only registered user accounts have been moved to Giving.sg. Unregistered donors would not be able to access past records. You may refer to the email acknowledgement receipts you received from SG Gives at the time of your donation.

Nonetheless, do register on Giving.sg now so that you can continue your giving journey and do more to support great causes!


Q: How can Giving.sg change your life?

A: We want to help you create your own unique Giving Journey! We’ll start by identifying causes close to your heart, then letting you know exactly how you can help. We want this to be the start of your meaningful and inspirational Giving Journey.

By maintaining a single account of Giving with us, you can track all your donations and volunteering hours in one accessible place.

We provide a platform where you can make safe and secure transactions to your chosen local non-profit. It’s also super easy to track and check Tax Deductible Donations, all in the same space!


Q: Do I need to create an account to make a donation?

A: Yes, you do need to sign up for an account with us at Giving.sg - then you can choose to donate, volunteer, fundraise and more!


Q: How will I benefit if I sign up with Giving.sg? Are there points to accumulate or any other perks?

A: Being a platform for charities and non-profits, Giving.sg does not operate on any points or rewards based system. However, by joining us, you can connect with, explore, inspire and be inspired by the great giving community in Singapore!

Besides building your personal Giving portfolio, you can also fundraise for your favourite causes and get support and inspiration from the Singapore giving community. Giving.sg also allows members to easily donate to multiple charities all in one place.


Q: How do I make a donation on Giving.sg? What about if my registered organisation or ground-up movement wishes to give as well?

A: We welcome donations from all willing hearts - whether you're donating as an individual, registered organisation or ground-up movement! Once you're on Giving.sg, you can easily search for and find out about charities that you want to support, using key words, types of causes, or simply the charity or NPO name.

To donate to a single charity: Once you are at the profile page of your selected charity or the charity’s Donation Page, just click the “Donate” button, select the amount you wish the gift, your preferred payment mode, then complete the payment. You’ll be able claim Tax Deductions if applicable, or stay anonymous for your donation. Less than a minute, and you’re done! Donation on Giving.sg is also mobile-phone enabled, so you can make a gift on the go, at anytime!

To donate to multiple charities: At each of your preferred charity’s profile page or preferred campaign page, select your donation amount and add to your Giving Basket. Once you’re done with your selection, you can check out your Giving Basket to make payment. You can choose to claim Tax Deductions, if applicable, or stay anonymous for the sum amount of donations in your Giving Basket.

Q:  Are my transactions on Giving.sg safe and secure?

A: Yes, we have created a highly secure platform for our community. Your personal details, including credit card details, are kept safe and connection to the Giving.sg server is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. That’s why our website starts with “https” and not the more common and unsecured “http”.

Our Payment Gateway Providers are PCI Level 1 Compliant (the toughest level!).

All transactions made on Giving.sg are 3-D Secure. You’ll therefore be required to provide a one-time password or PIN (OTP) to complete your transaction, which will be sent to your mobile phone number. This enhances security and avoids misuse of your credit card. 

Q: What fees are charged by Giving.sg?

A: For Donors: Donors do not need to pay a fee to use Giving.sg! If a donor gifts $100 to a charity, the charity receives $100. There is no upfront deduction for donations, not even for credit card charges. Giving.sg pays for these charges first.

For Charities: The subscription fee for charities has been waived. Charities do have to pay a bank fee of 1.5% of the donation amount, plus prevailing GST, on this bank fee. To illustrate, when a donor gifts $100 to a charity, the charity receives $100. An applicable fee of $1.50 is payable to Giving.sg, which pay for bank charges. The applicable GST of 10.5 cents (7% at the time of writing) is paid to the Inland Revenue of Singapore (IRAS).

Giving.sg is a non-profit initiative created and maintained by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), which is itself a charity in Singapore. NVPC has paid for the development cost of Giving.sg, which included IT security, audit and testing. This development cost has not been passed on to the charities which form the community of Giving.sg. At the same time, charities receive donations which are electronically paid into their bank accounts, and save manpower costs associated with processing cheques and donation forms, and handling and securing cash.

Q: The charity I’m looking for is not listed. Why?

A: A charity may not be listed on Giving.sg for various reasons. For example, the charity may be listed under a different name. In this case, try searching for keywords or causes instead of the charity name. Another example would be that the charity has not signed up to raise funds through Giving.sg. Maybe check back at a later date to see if the charity has joined Giving.sg, or perhaps even contact the charity to ask if they would like to join our community! For a full list of charities registered in Singapore, please refer to the Charity Portal

Q: What is “TDR” and does it apply to me?

A:  TDR refers to tax deduction receipts.

Approved Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) are authorized to receive tax-deductible donations.  In Singapore, approved Institutions of a Public Character (or IPCs) are charities which are able to issue tax deductible receipts for qualifying donations to donors.

Q: How do I know if my donation is tax-deductible?

A: A charity that has IPC status will be indicated accordingly. Some IPCs have specified a minimum donation amount for tax deduction.

Q: How do I claim tax deductions on my donations to IPCs?

A: When donating to an IPC, ensure that the option to request for tax deduction is selected and provide the necessary details (i.e. Name as per NRIC & NRIC) in order to receive tax deduction. 

The donation details will be provided directly to Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) by the approved IPC and the donation deductions will be included automatically in your individual tax assessment, or where applicable, your corporate tax assessment.

There will be no physical receipt issued by Giving.sg or the Charity. You may keep the email donation acknowledgment as reference for your donation.


Q: Can I donate anonymously? How?

A: Yes, you may choose to donate anonymously to a NPO or to a fundraising campaign. Your personal details will not be shared with the beneficiary NPO.

Q: My donation isn’t successful. Help!

A: A donation transaction can be unsuccessful due to a number of reasons. In case of any error, please check if the below applies and do try again.

Availability of Funds:

Please ensure there Credit Card limit allows for the Credit Card use, or you have adequate funds in your bank account for completing Internet Banking, and that it is below your daily limit of transaction if applicable. For credit card transactions, please ensure that your credit card transaction is within any applicable credit card limit. In the case of internet banking (IB) transactions, please ensure that there are adequate funds in your bank account and that your IB transaction is within any applicable IB transaction limits.

You could also check your internet connection and try again. Technology messes up, sometimes. If the issue still persists, please contact us at [email protected]. We’ll be glad to help!


Q: How do I know that my donation will reach the charity that I donated to?

A: Each charity listed on Giving.sg completes a Direct Credit Authorisation Form, and provides the charity’s bank account number. This bank account number is verified with the charity’s bank. Giving.sg receives this Form, bearing the original signatures and stamps of the charity and the bank. All donations to the charity through our website are then paid electronically by Giving.sg into the verified bank account. Each charity can log onto Giving.sg at any time to view its bank account number and donations made and received.


Q: Can I cancel my donation?

A: All donations made through Giving.sg are not refundable. Donations made to a charity will be for that charity only and there shall be no substitution of donations between charities.


Q: How do I know my donation is successful?

A: Please contact [email protected] with the transaction details and we will get in touch with you within 3 working days.


Q: Can I create a campaign for foreign charitable purposes?

A: If you wish to conduct any fundraising appeals for foreign charitable purposes, you must apply for a permit from the office of the Commissioner of Charities. To apply for the permit, you must be an organisation (be it incorporated or unincorporated) in Singapore and submit the application at least 30 days before the commencement of the fundraising appeal. It is the joint responsibility of the campaign owner and the charity to get the necessary permits before any campaigns are submitted and approved on Giving.sg. Please refer to the Charity Portal for more details.


(B) For Non-Profit Organisations


Q: Who can join as a beneficiary on Giving.sg?

A: Any non-profit organisation registered in Singapore can join as a beneficiary and seek volunteers for events and activities they organise. 

Registered charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) are also eligible to raise funds and receive donations.

Ground-up movements wishing to join us may contact our administrative team and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Do note that religious organisations, political organisations and their affiliates, as well as any organisations that are of a non-secular or non-moralistic nature are not eligible to join.


Q: How would my NPO benefit by joining Giving.sg?

A: Giving.sg is created and maintained by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre in Singapore (NVPC). By joining Giving.sg, your charity or NPO will enjoy a wide reach with donors and supporters, and also benefit from the marketing and publicity that NVPC actively engages in.

Giving.sg has a unique volunteer matching platform that creates happy matches between volunteers and organisations, with the benefit of an existing and enthusiastic volunteer base.

Donors can easily donate online using credit cards and direct debit (via internet banking).

What if my organisation is not local, i.e. not in Singapore? Can I still sign my organisation up on Giving.sg?

You must be an organisation that is registered in Singapore in order to join as a non-profit on Giving.sg.


Q: How can my organisation direct our donors to donate through Giving.sg?

A: To ensure continuity in online fundraising for your organisation, do inform your donors to donate through Giving.sg. Please link your organisation’s website to your organisation’s unique Giving.sg donation page. Lastly, include this link in your brochures, email to donors, social media, and any other online or print publications.


Q: I understand that if I were to conduct a fundraising activity in public, I need to apply for a license from the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) or the Singapore Police Force to do so. Do I need a license to fundraise through giving.sg?

A: No license is required for fundraising activities conducted on giving.sg. However, if the organisation conducts any fundraising activities outside of giving.sg and in public, a license is still required even if the activities are linked to the giving.sg campaign.


Q: Do I need a license to conduct activities outside of giving.sg which arises from campaigns on giving.sg (eg fulfilling campaign promises in public following a completed donation campaign conducted on giving.sg)?

A: If your activities are conducted in a public space you may still need to comply with regulations concerning public fundraising. Please check with NCSS or the Singapore Police Force.              

Q: When do donations made via Giving.sg reach my organisation?

A: Donations made via Giving.sg are first credited into the bank account of Giving.sg.

These donations will then be disbursed to the respective organisation’s bank account on a weekly basis.

Q: How will I know when the donations have been received by my organisation?

A: You will be alerted via email (as provided by your organisation) when the donations are received by your organisation.

Q: Will my organisation get a breakdown of donations received?

A: You may log into your organisation’s account on Giving.sg and access the donation reports online.

Q: Can my organisation receive a report showing our fundraising events and/or programmes?

A: As long as you’ve listed these fundraising events and/or programmes in your charity profile page, you can easily extract this donation information based on your selected fundraising period.

Q: Is there a maximum number of volunteers I can seek for my fundraising event?

A: Nope, there is no limit on how many volunteers you can seek for any given event.

Q: What if I have recurring volunteer activities?

A: Go ahead and set up your required volunteer activities with multiple dates and time slots; volunteers can easily see if the event is recurring.

Q: Can I turn down volunteers?

A: Yes, no worries, you can confirm or turn away volunteers who sign up for your event.

Q: Can I target volunteers with specific skills?

A: Yes, it’s a great way to work efficiently and effectively! You may specify if certain skills are need for any particular activity; users who are keen on volunteering can then search for and sign up for the event based on their unique skills.

Going forward, we hope to make it easier for Giving.sg and our community to reach out to skills-based volunteers. Do watch this space!

Q: Can I customise thank you emails for my donors and volunteers?

A: Yes, you’ll be able to access all donor and volunteer information (based on their approvals given via their Giving.sg profiles), and contact them when you want. Separately, donors and volunteers will receive simple emails from Giving.sg which acknowledge their contributions.

Q: I no longer wish for my organisation to be listed on Giving.sg. What should I do?

A: Simply let the Giving.sg Admin know of this, and we’ll remove your organisation from the list of beneficiaries at Giving.sg.

Q: How can I change the bank account details of my organisation that were previously provided?

A: Please inform Giving.sg Admin two weeks before your organisation’s bank account details will change.

Our team at Giving.sg will send you a fresh Direct Credit Authorisation Form. Once you have completed the relevant information and submitted the Form to us, your organisation’s bank account details will be updated accordingly.

Q: A donor is disputing a donation transaction involving my organisation. What can I do?

A: Please contact the donor directly to resolve the matter. If a resolution cannot be reached, please then do contact us.

Q: Can I showcase Donation Campaigns as well as Volunteer Activities on my Giving.sg account?

A: Yes! We want all users, donors and volunteers to be able to easily view and learn about your organisation and all the ways they can support you. We hope Giving.sg can provide this platform to bring its community of donors, volunteers and organisations together for this collective Giving Journey.

Remember, your organisation’s profile page is by you, about you and FOR YOU! It allows you to showcase all the amazing work your organisation has accomplished and how the world is better for it (please refer to the How Your Donation Makes A Difference section). Users will also be able to explore all the Donation Campaigns that support your organisation, as well as any Volunteer activities you have hosted or will host.


(C) For Donors

Q: Why does my bank credit card or bank statement show Giving Dot SG name instead of the charity I donated to?

A: Your donation is first paid into the bank account of Giving.sg, so that the charity will not need to pay for having a separate merchant account. Essentially, it’s done to help the charity save some costs.

Q: What payment gateways are available if I want to make a donation?

A: Giving.sg has partnered with Wirecard, a DBS Bank Affiliate, which provides a payment gateway for credit card payments. This currently supports all local and international VISA and MasterCard credit card transactions.

There is also an option to pay by eNets, which enables direct debit transactions via internet banking for the largest banks in Singapore.


Q: Do you accept PayPal? What about Paypal?

A: Sorry, we don’t support PayPal transactions.

Q: If I have an international credit card, can I make a donation?

A: Yes, any international VISA or MasterCard credit card can be used to donate on Giving.sg.

Q: What currency are all donations in?

A: Donations will be made in Singapore dollar.

Q:  Will there be any charge for transactions on Giving.sg?

A: Yes, bank charges and payment gateway charges are applicable for all donations.

These fees average out at 1.5% of your donation amount, and they include Giving.sg’s administrative and service fees for maintaining and running a secure platform for our community, IT security audits and testing and other miscellaneous charges.

Be assured that 100% of the amount donated by you is transferred to your chosen charity without any deductions for transaction fees. The charities are separately invoiced periodically for transaction fees.

Q: I want to donate what I can; what’s the least amount I can donate?

A: S$10. Every little bit counts.


Q: What’s the largest amount I can donate?

A: The maximum amount you can donate to a charity in one transaction is $100,000. There is no limit to the amount your Giving Basket can hold, meaning you can donate to as many charities as you like! (Eg. you can donate $100,000 to 5 different charities, bringing your Giving Basket to a total of $500,000).

However, you can only checkout up to $999,999 each time, when using debit/credit card, due to payment gateway limitations.

Remember, you can always donate donate multiple times a day, any time of the day. Just bear in mind that this depends on your credit card or internet banking limits applicable to the relevant banks.


Q: What is the difference between donations to a non-profit's fundraising campaign and donations to an individual's fundraising campaign, if they are both benefiting the same charity?

A: There is no major difference. A non-profit orgnaisation (NPO) can host multiple campaigns for different causes, beneficiaries or events. As an individual, you can start fundraising campaigns linked either to a NPO, or to a specific campaign created by the NPO. We hope this flexibility will let your creative juices flow!

When you donate to an individual’s campaign, the funds go to the NPO, and the amount you’ve donated is reflected in the target goal of the individual’s campaign, as well as the NPO campaign it is linked to.

Q: I’m not18 years old yet! Can I still donate to the charity I wish to support?

A: If you are between 13 to 17 years old, you would need to obtain parental consent to make a donation on Giving.sg.

If you are 18 years or older, you can donate freely!


Q: Can I specify how the charity uses my donation?

A: If a NPO has listed specific campaigns for donation, you may choose to make a donation to one or more of these campaigns. The NPO reserves the right to use any funds raised in excess of the target goal, in any way they deem fit. Please also note that NVPC is not liable for the end use of funds raised by any NPO. You may refer to our terms of use if you wish to know more about this.


Q: If I donate in the last week of Dec 2017 to an IPC Charity and the donation amount meets the minimum tax deductible amount. Will my donations be eligible for tax deduction for the Year of Assessment 2018?

A: Please check directly with the respective charities whether the donation will be allowed in your tax assessment for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2018 before proceeding to make a donation. In the event of any dispute to the tax deduction window period, all decisions made by the Charities shall be final and conclusive.


(D) For Campaign Owners (Fundraisers) 

Q: I want to raise funds for my charity! How do I get started?
A: Great! To start fundraising on Giving.sg, please ensure that your charity is listed with us! If you’re not yet part of our happy family, please get in touch with us at [email protected] to bring your charity on board. Our goal is to help your fundraising efforts and impact be amplified, and to put you in touch with others who care! 

If your chosen charity or NPO is already listed on Giving.sg (yay!), simply go to their Profile page and click on the link to “Start a Fundraising Campaign”. You can choose to start a brand new campaign in support of the NPO, or support any of their existing campaigns.
Remember, you can add personal touches to the story behind your campaign through photos, videos and anything else you were inspired by!  


Q: How long can a fundraising campaign be?
A: While starting a fundraising campaign is easy, it’s important to set goals and targets to help make it a success! The campaign period (length of a campaign) can be be a maximum of 365 days from the start date.


Q: I want to fundraise for a friend who needs help. Can I? 
A: Currently, you can only start fundraising campaigns to support the non-profit organisations listed on Giving.sg. If you wish to raise funds for a friend or individual, you can put him/her in touch with a charity that can help. You can find a list of all charities in Singapore on the Charity Portal


Q: Is there a minimum or maximum goal that I can set for my fundraising campaign?
A: You can set a minimum fundraising target of S$100, and there is no maximum goal you can set! Aim high and go for it!


Q: How can I make my fundraising campaign successful?
A: While the stories behind everyone’s fundraising campaigns may vary, we do have a few basic tips to offer you to make your fundraising a success!

  • Know your donors, and let them get to know you!
  • Communicate effectively by letting donors know your fundraising story - why you chose this cause, how you feel about the charity, and what you hope to achieve.
  • Your fundraising story will help to educate and inform potential donors, and reinforce existing supporters in their cause for you! Everyone wants to know that they are helping to bring about a positive change and meaningful impact.
  • Set a challenging but attainable goal.
  • Stretch and challenge yourself, but try not to set a goal that is extremely unattainable.
  • Start by making a donation to your own fundraising campaign!
  • Be the first to donate, and show that you’re serious about your cause. Other people are also more likely to donate when they see that someone else has already contributed.
  • Don’t forget your friends and family, while also embracing social media!
  • While social media is king these days, you can always build initial momentum and start raising awareness with friends and family through word of mouth! From there, watch the support grow! 
  • You can then add social media into the mix. Giving.sg provides an easy way for you to share your campaign through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also provide direct links to your fundraising website.
  • Say thank you!
  • While Giving.sg will send a simple thank you email to acknowledge the contributions of donors and volunteers, you will have access to contact information which you can use to send out personalised thank you notes. This way you can keep in touch for future campaigns!
  • Inspire people to give by make giving fun and simple to do
  • While your fundraising campaign is for serious and specific causes and needs, you can always make it fun and inspiration by doing something different to get the attention of donors.
  • Not everything that you post on your fundraising page needs to be an “ask”. Share inspiring stories or positive anecdotes about the cause you believe in!
  • Good luck and know that you are helping in every way you can. While you started with a belief, remember to stay strong with your commitment and through it all, try get creative and have fun!


Q: What happens if the Fundraising Campaign goal is not achieved by the Non Profit? 
A: A campaign goal is set to assist potential Donors in understanding the requirements of the NPO and making a decision to donate. 
If the campaign goal is not met, there are no penalties or deductions. The amount raised through the campaign is disbursed to the NPO as per regular disbursement schedule. Giving.sg does not wait for the campaign to get over in order to disburse donations.


Q: What’s the photo resolution required?
A: 300dpi would be great.


Q: What should be the dimensions and file sizes of photos that I upload to my fundraising campaign page?
A: The recommended image size that you can upload on Giving.sg should be up to 1MB, 657px by 368px in dimension.


Q: Can I upload videos to my fundraising campaign page?
A: Yes, you can link to YouTube videos. / Yes, you can embed YouTube Videos on your campaign page.


Q: How long can my video be?
Any YouTube video you choose to embed on your campaign page should be kept short and crisp. This will better engage anyone who views your campaign page. Videos between 1 to 3 minutes would be ideal.


(E) For Volunteers 


Q:  I’m not 18 years old yet! Can I still volunteer?
A: We welcome anyone of any age who wants to give their time! Each organisation may have different requirements for their volunteers, but in general:

  • if you are between 13 to 16 years old, we would need your parents to give their consent for your participation;
  • if you are aged 12 years and below, we would need your parents to give their consent before you can volunteer. You’ll also be accompanied by an adult during your volunteering activity.
  • If you are a parent who has signed up for a volunteer activity and wish to bring your children along, please consult the relevant Volunteer Leader or contact person of the activity on whether you can this arrangement will work.


Q: As a volunteer, will I be covered by any insurance?
A: Giving.sg does not carry or maintain, and expressly disclaims responsibility for providing any health, medical or disability insurance coverage for its volunteers. Each volunteer is expected and encouraged to carry personal liability or health insurance prior to registering as a volunteer.


Q: Can I withdraw my application to be a volunteer for a fundraising activity?
A: Yes, you do have the option to withdraw from a volunteer activity after you have signed up. However we do recommend that you avoid withdrawing your participation if you have already been confirmed for an activity. The NPO you will be volunteering would have already allocated resources and planned tasks based on your initial sign up. Do volunteer responsibly! 


Q: Can I obtain proof of attendance or certification for my volunteer hours?
A: After the activity is over, the NPO or Volunteer Leader in charge of the activity will update the number of hours contributed by each volunteer.
To view or retrieve your volunteer records, log into your Giving.sg account, go to your profile page, and then click on the “My Volunteer Activities” link to see the total hours you have contributed as a volunteer.
If you need further endorsement, you may contact the NPO directly, or the Volunteer Leader of a particular activity that you volunteered for.