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ends 31 Mar 2022, 11:59 PM
Project F.I.N. (Families-In-Need) focuses on helping distressed families to cope better through our wide range of services particularly during this crisis. While some are facing family issues, others may have lost their jobs. We have a holistic approach to these issues providing financial assistance to tide them over their immediate needs (utilities, rental, school fees), basic necessities, guidance and support to strengthen family bonds, counselling & addressing other social issues they may be facing.
We invite you in this act of giving to touch these lives to give them hope for a brighter tomorrow. Your valuable support will help us to enhance our programmes, provide better services and assistance to our beneficiaries.

Our beneficiary's testimony (Social Support)
Mdm L suffers from depression, anxiety disorder and insomia. Her husband was in the halfway house and she was all alone at home with no family support. Mdm L lost her part-time job and had not been successful in sourcing for another job. Her savings was depleting and she felt extremely insecure and lost. She was worried about her daily living expenses and the Covid-19 situation further aggravated her condition. FaithActs provided her with groceries and household items to tide her through. Subsequently, her husband was granted an early release and she was relieved as she could now have support with her husband. They seek out to work as general cleaners and FaithActs continue to encourage and counsel her.

About the Charity

FaithActs is an IPC community care service centre that serves the needs of children with learning challenges, youths at-risk, disadvantaged families, and seniors at Queenstown. We aim to positively impact, change, and transform the lives of those around us through the provision of programmes & services that meet the needs of the community and to alleviate social problems regardless of one's ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds. By focusing on the potential of each individual.

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FaithActs is an approved Institute of Public Character (IPC) since 2008.

Mdm Saw's Story:
After her husband passed away, she had to work part time to support her children as the breadwinner of the family. Unfortunately, she was also left with some legal tussle over the family's flat, adding to her struggles. As a non-Singaporean citizen, she would commute back & forth to her home country in the past to seek free medical treatment for her chronic conditions. With the travel restrictions, she had to seek treatment here which added to her financial and mental stress. With your support, Mdm Saw will have some relief from the heavy financial burden of daily living expenses and legal settlement. "I'm very thankful to FaithActs for sending me this financial support. With this money, I can buy new clothes for my growing son who hasn't bought any these two years because of our financial problems.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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