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TDR will be issued for donations of $50 and above.


How Your Donation Makes a Difference

About Us

FaithActs is an IPC community care service centre that serves the needs of children with learning challenges, youths at-risk, disadvantaged families, and seniors at Queenstown. We aim to positively impact, change, and transform the lives of those around us through the provision of programmes & services that meet the needs of the community and to alleviate social problems regardless of one's ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds. By focusing on the potential of each individual.

For every $50 donation, enjoy a FaithActs' tingkat momento! Call us at 6339 7611 for more details

FaithActs is an approved Institute of Public Character (IPC) since 2008.

Mdm Saw's Story:
After her husband passed away, she had to work part time to support her children as the breadwinner of the family. Unfortunately, she was also left with some legal tussle over the family's flat, adding to her struggles. As a non-Singaporean citizen, she would commute back & forth to her home country in the past to seek free medical treatment for her chronic conditions. With the travel restrictions, she had to seek treatment here which added to her financial and mental stress. With your support, Mdm Saw will have some relief from the heavy financial burden of daily living expenses and legal settlement. "I'm very thankful to FaithActs for sending me this financial support. With this money, I can buy new clothes for my growing son who hasn't bought any these two years because of our financial problems.

Our Programmes

We seek to empower and heighten the confidence, self awareness and esteem of individuals who comes through our programmes and services.

CHILDREN & YOUTH SERVICES: The Learning Hub (TLH), Youth Hub and Club; Sports, Adventure and Outing; Girls Empowered (GEm), Walk The Talk (WTT) for Boys, Tuition & Mentoring; KidsLEAP, Early Learning Programme, Experiential Learning Journey, Groupwork and Talks, Birthday Workshop and Value-based learning, Enrichment and STEM Education, Junior Chef , Culinary Appreciation Workshop

SENIOR SERVICES: Social Recreation; Creative Movement Exercise, WOW and Circuit Low Mobility Workout sessions, Outings, Mobile App and Hanyu Pin Yin, Doctor-is-in, Health Talks and Workshops, Gray Matters, Intergenerational activities

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Casework and Counselling, Personal & Home Wellness, Bursary and Scholarship, FaithActs - West Legal Clinic, Parent-Child Bonding & Community Outing, Senior Services at Block Dover Close East, Befriending services, Groceries distribution and other hybrid service

To support through - Individual Gifting, School's Values-In-Action (VIA), Corporate Giving for Programmes, Fundraising ideas, and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives,

Virtual Charity Events - Coast to Coast Walk, Runs/Cycle Round The Island, Hikes Around The World, Bakes, Auctions, Sales of items, Movie Screenings, Song & Music Performances, etc.

Call, meet-in-person, or e-meet Jean at 6339-7611 for collaborations and partnership opportunities.

Our Wish List


Sponsored curated activities for 40 senior participants or 20 kids (contact Jean Hong at 63397611)
Sponsorship of kitchen towel, wet wipes, groceries vouchers for low-income families
Sponsorship of Surprise Snack Box
for FaithActs beneficiaries

Baby Products

For perishable items, we might not be able to accept items that have a shelf life of less than six months:
Milk for infants
Milk for adults
Campbell soup
Corned beef
Tuna Fish
Chicken luncheon meat
Instant noodles
Baked beans
Instant Oats
Coffee (Kopi-O, 2-in-1)
Fresh Milk (low fat, 6 X 200ml)
Biscuits (individually packed)
Pasta & Sauces
Household vouchers (from Sheng Siong and NTUC)


Funding for in-house programmes:
Junior Chef
Craft-making workshop
Social outings for isolated and frail seniors
Enrichment activities
Groupwork with hands-on activities
Health enrichment workshops
Learning Journey
Holistic wellness and outdoor therapy
Festive celebrations
Birthday Parties (imparting values)


For outings and regular programmes

  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Elderly
  • Families

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