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About Us

FaithActs is a non-profit community care service agency serving the needs of children, youths, families, and seniors in Singapore since 2004. We aim to positively impact, change, and transform the lives of those around us through the provision of programmes and services which meet community needs and alleviate social problems regardless of one's ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds. By focusing on the strengths and potential of each individual, we hope to equip and empower them to take steps in makes changes in their lives.

With your valuable support, FaithActs will continue to grow from strength to strength, providing love, care and support for the community.

The story of Dylan is a testimony of our youth who joined our after school programme at Primary 5. Dylan developed skills in public speaking and took on leadership roles with voluntary opportunities. Today, Dylan is a 28 year old business owner.

Our Programmes

We seek to empower and heighten the confidence, self awareness and esteem of individuals who comes through our programmes and services.

CHILDREN & YOUTH SERVICES: The Learning Hub (TLH), Youth Hub and Club; Sports, Adventure and Outing; Girls Empowered, Walk The Talk Boys, Tuition & Mentoring; KidsLEAP, Early Learning Programme, Experiential Learning Journey, Groupwork and Talks, Birthday Workshop and Value-based learning, Enrichment and STEM Education, Junior Chef , Culinary Appreciation Workshop

SENIOR SERVICES: Social recreation; Creative Movement Exercise, WOW and Circuit Low Mobility Workout sessions, Outings, Mobile App and Hanyu Pin Yin, Doctor-is-in, Health Talks and Workshops, Gray Matters, Intergenerational activities

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Casework and Counselling, The Sound of FaithActs, Home Wellness, Bursary and Scholarship, FaithActs - West Legal Clinic, Parent-Child Bonding & Community Outing, Senior Services at Block Dover Close East, Befriending services, Groceries distribution and others

Fundraising and Corporate Social Responsibility
Get in touch with us at: 63397611 for collaborations and partnership opportunities.

Creating your very own fundraising campaign to support FaithActs causes and mission
on platform and share your URL page via social media with your friends and family.
Care for our communities just as FaithActs has done all these 17 years!

Our Wish List

Musical Instruments

Our youths learn about music appreciation through weekly lessons conducted by volunteers from Project Resonance. The participants will get a chance to perform at our corporate events:
eg Honours Night

Request for instruments
Keyboard (2 sets)
Guitar (4 sets)
Ukulele (8 sets)
Cajon (8 sets)

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