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ends 31 Mar 2021, 11:59 PM
The ExtraOrdinary Therapy & Care Package is designed to help children/youth from low-income families as well as their parents/caregivers continue to access much-needed therapy and caregiver support during these challenging times. Your donations will help to offer up to 100% funding for the following programmes:

1. Parent-child empowerment workshops, where parents will learn how to care for their child in the home environment
2. Art and Music holiday programmes designed to provide psychosocial support
3. Individual therapy in the domains of Art, Music, Speech & Language and Occupational

Your gift of generosity will:
+ Ensure that low-income families are not left behind during these unprecedented times
+ Enable children and youth with special needs to benefit from regular therapy
+ Empower parents/caregivers in their caregiving at home

A big thank you on behalf of our families, for supporting them on their ExtraOrdinary journey.

About the Charity

We are a registered charity and Institute of Public Character (IPC) that enables, supports and seeks to empower persons with special needs through community-supported initiatives. We adopt a team-based approach towards enabling and empowering individuals with special needs to live independently, be work ready, work able and sustain employment, working closely and supporting the inner and outer circles within each special needs individual's ecosystem.

Another of our focus is to showcase how art and music can be a catalyst and an evolving robust platform that will allow diverse voices and perspectives to be heard. Through community-supported initiatives, we use art and music as a powerful medium to transform lives and build resilience at individual, family and community levels.

Our Vision:
An inclusive and ExtraOrdinary Singapore!

Our Mission:
To support every person with special needs in Singapore through community-supported initiatives.

Our Philosophy:
We partner you and your child, through team-based support, in your child's learning and developmental journey.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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