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ends 31 May 2023, 11:59 PM
Our inaugural Gala 2023 aims raise funds in support of building an inclusive future where every person is meaningfully integrated into society!

All funds raised will be matched under the Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme administered by Tote Board.

Through this Gala fundraising event, we aim to raise the much-needed funds to ensure the sustainability of our programmes offered to the special needs community:

Integrated Programme - A comprehensive approach towards improving a child's cognitive functionality with our therapists using a curated curriculum based on Art and Play. Our clients range from 7 years old to 18 and above.

ExtraOrdinary Campus - A Post-18 campus aimed at equipping individuals with essential skills and meaningful activities in preparation for a successful independent integration into society and gainful employment.

Creative Lab - Believing art and music are catalysts of expression, we utilise community-supported initiatives as a medium for artists with special needs to pursue art as a vocation and career. Creative Lab empowers individuals with special needs through creating and exhibiting artwork to be recognized as included, contributing members of the community.

Funds raised will enable us to continue providing crucial long-term support and increase our reach to a wider number of children and youth. These funds will heavily subsidise programmes costs, significantly reducing the financial burden on the low-income families we support.

About the Charity

We are a registered charity and Institute of Public Character (IPC) that enables, supports and seeks to empower persons with special needs through community-supported initiatives. We adopt a team-based approach towards enabling and empowering individuals with special needs to live independently, be work ready, work able and sustain employment, working closely and supporting the inner and outer circles within each special needs individual's ecosystem.

Another of our focus is to showcase how art and music can be a catalyst and an evolving robust platform that will allow diverse voices and perspectives to be heard. Through community-supported initiatives, we use art and music as a powerful medium to transform lives and build resilience at individual, family and community levels.

Our Vision:
An inclusive and ExtraOrdinary Singapore!

Our Mission:
To support every person with special needs in Singapore through community-supported initiatives.

Our Philosophy:
We partner you and your child, through team-based support, in your child's learning and developmental journey.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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