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ends 30 Sep 2020, 11:59 PM
Having overcome her own battles with mental health, Lianne understand first-hand the benefits horses can have.

Therefore, Lianne has selected EQUAL as one of the charities she wants to support as she takes part in the Mongol Derby Race 2020.

The challenge:
A self-navigated race across 1000km of wild Mongolia landscape and 28 semi-wild horses. Only half the riders are able to finish the race!

She has secured one of just 45 spaces on this wild ride.

The Mongol Derby will be held from 2 to 14 August 2020.

Note: The welfare of the horse is of utmost priority during this race. A highly experienced team of international and Mongolian equine veterinarians provide the inspections at every horse station and response capabilities on the course. They ensure that horse welfare is maintained throughout the race and have the power to impose harsh penalties on riders who fail the vet inspections. To the nomadic Mongolians living on the steppe, these horses are an integral part of their social culture and cared for deeply.

Lianne's website:

About the Charity

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
- Gandhi

Hello, we are EQUAL, a young Charity with IPC status.

We believe animals make people better.

Every year, we strengthen the mental health of 1,500 people with special needs, youth, families and elderly, through giving them the opportunity to care for and work with rescued therapy animals.

In other words, we rescue animals who go on to rescue us.

Our therapy horses and cats may not look the prettiest from the outside, but they are so beautiful inside.

Working alongside them as our partners, our team of certified professionals help our beneficiaries develop social-emotional skills such as managing impulsivity, compassion, responsibility, and confidence via an Animal-Assisted Learning curriculum.

These skills help our beneficiaries succeed in school, employment and life.

Such skills are vital, yet they are difficult to teach.

That's where EQUAL comes in. Animals help us connect with our inner world. They help us open up and take a new perspective, creating changes in mindsets and behaviours that are often faster, deeper and long-lasting.

This work is new to Singapore and there is so much we want to do.

We hope you can support our beneficiaries and rescued animals on their mutual journeys of recovery and growth by making a donation.

We hope you can consider making your donation a monthly recurring one, which enables us to plan for the long term.

Thank you!


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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