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ends 28 Feb 2019, 11:59 PM
Your $50 tax-deductible donation will help the residents of Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home continue benefiting from Equal-Ark's Dignify Programme.

Dignify is a psycho-social care programme that aims to improve the emotional well-being of elderly with dementia or depression, through a combination of Person-Centred Care and Animal-Assisted Learning.

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About the Charity

At EQUAL, our work is unique: We rescue animals, who go on to rescue us. We adopt unwanted and injured horses (among 300+ horses in Singapore who need to look for new homes every year), and re-train them into therapy horses. In their new roles, they work with people with special needs, at-risk youth, families in need, and elderly with dementia, helping them to develop vital social-emotional skills such as managing impulsivity, empathy, persistence and self-awareness which are necessary to face life's challenges. We do so by camouflaging learning as recreation, through hands-on and interactive activities with the horses. Why horses? Throughout history, horses and humans always had a special relationship. Our beneficiaries learn to love our rescued horses, with their different backstories, personalities and quirks. In doing so, they learn to love themselves. A study by Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and KK Hospital showed that our programme improved youths' social-emotional skills by 70%. Another study by IMH showed that improvements in social-emotional skills was associated with improvements in academic results. Our staff, who comprise former teachers, social workers, counsellors and jockeys serve 1,000 beneficiaries each year from schools, nursing homes, children's homes and other social service organisations. We are a registered charity and Institute of Public Character (IPC), and donations to us are tax deductible at 250%.


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Mr Alex Tok, Contact Person