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About Us

At EQUAL, we rescue animals, who go on to rescue us. We adopt unwanted animals and retrain them into therapy animals to develop emotional resilience in youth, people with special needs, elderly with dementia, and families in need.

We do this through activities that develop in them skills such as managing impulsivity, empathy, responsibility, respect, focus, and confidence.

This helps youth stay in school, people with special needs transition to jobs, elderly with dementia enhance their well-being, and families in need reconcile.

Two research studies by IMH show that our work leads to a 70% improvement in social-emotional skills and is associated with improvement in academic grades.

Our staff, who comprise former MOE teachers, social workers, counsellors and retired jockeys serve 2,000 beneficiaries each year from schools, nursing homes, children's homes and other social service organisations.

We are expanding our services by bringing therapy horses into unlikely places in urbanised Singapore, such as nursing homes, schools and HDB estates, as well as starting a cat therapy service.

We are a registered charity and Institute of Public Character (IPC). Donations above $50 are tax deductible at 250%.

Our Programmes

EQUAL runs 3 programmes that strengthen the emotional and mental well-being of beneficiaries ranging in age from 1 to 100, and the different issues they face in their different life stages.

Youth Programme
We help children and youth stay in and do better in school, by imparting soft skills difficult to teach in the classroom, such as managing impulsivity, empathy, responsibility, focus and confidence. The youth served in this programme include those with special needs.

Family Programme
We help mend and strengthen relationships in families facing life's challenges, such as low-income families, families going through relationship challenges, families struggling with caregiving stress, and foster families.

Elderly Programme
We help elderly with dementia and depression by awakening in them a new sense of purpose. Known as psycho-social care in medical lingo, it is about giving the elderly the opportunity to love and care again, a role that these elderly have played their entire lives.
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