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ends 29 Oct 2018, 11:59 PM
We often hear how seniors feel insignificant and useless. Through a combination of life knocks, deteriorating health and the disintegration of multigenerational families , this perception of self and by society has been entrenched . These issues loom large like formidable "mountains" in the lives of many of our seniors, which causes them to feel small, insignificant and resigned to living their later years with hopelessness and devoid of meaningful purpose.

Hence, The GYM (Go for Your Mountain) Challenge was birthed to reverse the current ageing perception. . The GYM Challenge is an intergenerational nation-wide sporting event that will empower more than 100 frail and active seniors and their families and caregivers to climb up Mount Faber in Singapore and in doing so, make a bold statement that seniors can conquer their "mountains".

All about Singapore from May to September 2018, there will be pre-event activities centering on the message of "Daring to Dream, Go for Your Mountains" culminating in multigenerational teams scaling Mount Faber together.

The pre-event activities include an ambitious project to reverse physical decline for 100 seniors through our intervention programmes so that frail seniors can be strengthened to leave their homes independently and assimilated back to communities.

We hope you your support we will be able to make a difference for these 100 seniors.

About the Charity

Empower believes that ageing well is to be active, empowered and engaged in life with independence and a good quality of life. We enable that through mitigating and even reversing decline and addressing common complaints associated with ageing. We want to enable every older adult to live a fulfilling life and function at the optimal level that they are capable of. We believe that through creating opportunities for older adults, the gift of ageing gracefully can be realised.

Mission: To provide solutions that empower older adults to mitigate age associated declines, thus transforming the way they age.


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