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About Us

Empower believes that ageing well is to be active, empowered and engaged in life with independence and a good quality of life. We enable that through mitigating and even reversing decline and addressing common complaints associated with ageing. We want to enable every older adult to live a fulfilling life and function at the optimal level that they are capable of. We believe that through creating opportunities for older adults, the gift of ageing gracefully can be realised.

Mission: To provide solutions that empower older adults to mitigate age associated declines, thus transforming the way they age.

Our Programmes

1. Programmes
Direct service provision of customised solutions delivered to target beneficiaries in the form of community based inteventions and centre based programming. Our programmes bring transformation in the form of tangible change to induce empowerment to target beneficiaries.

2. Education
Building awareness/imparting skills among seniors and equipping volunteers, caregivers and care professionals. Our education empowers individuals to empower others in need.

3. Advocacy
Leading in thought and concepts on how ageing can be made empowering and positive to the public and industry stakeholders through community outreach. Our advocacy creates awareness that aids positive change and present latest evidence to challenge inaccurate perspectives of ageing.

4. Research & Development
a. Pioneer and pilot high impact solutions consisting of,
i. Training or programme curriculum
ii. Therapeutic tools such as apps and toolkits
iii. Technology
  • Community
  • Elderly
  • Health
  • Social Service

Benjamin Chan Chee Chew

Empower Ageing Limited

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