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The best gift a child can receive is a stable and strongly connected family. Donate towards marriage counselling today.

The quality and satisfaction of a couple's relationship is co-related with how satisfied their child is with life, how resilient the child is, how the child manages emotions, how well the child does in school, and how likely the child is to succeed in his/her work as an adult.

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Since our establishment in 1997, EMCC has endeavoured to bring hope to broken relationships. We believe the Singaporean society at large benefits from the development of strong marriages and healthy families. For couples and families who want to repair or strengthen their relationships, EMCC uses evidence-based methodologies to help them manage conflicts healthily and improve their relationships. This is done through our range of services: mediating disputes, providing marital and family counselling, and conducting educational workshops. We are also actively developing upstream initiatives towards the prevention and early detection of psycho-emotional and relational problems. EMCC is one of the few agencies with the expertise to be a one-stop centre for relational restoration and wellness. We provide both mediation and psycho-therapy as a holistic and integrated approach to addressing relational disputes or difficulties. EMCC is a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and an approved Institution of Public Character (IPC).

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