Cheers to our Golden Years

Post Chinese New Year blues? For some, these blues started even before celebrations begun. 

If you didn't have a family, would Chinese New Year be as joyous to you? Probably not. That's why for some elderly folks, especially those male, living alone and experiencing a painful illness or disability, the festive season can be a really lonely one. 

It doesn't take much to show our golden seniors that you care. Our eldercare centres and homes work hard to bring festive cheer to their residents. Why not support them with time, and spend a morning being a friend to them? Or even spare your dollars to support programmes that keep the minds and hearts of our elderly active. 

After all, we will all get old someday. 


Support our golden seniors today!

Simply click on any of these campaign or volunteer opportunities below to donate or volunteer.
Better still, if you would like to fundraise for these charities supporting the elderly cause, start your very own fundraising campaign here.


*Source: Channelnewsasia