Empower The Vulnerable Among Us

Giving.sg E-Flag Day has partnered with Bartley Community Care Services (BCCS) and REACH, this National Day! 

Bartley Community Care Services (BCCS) and REACH Community Services support vulnerable children, seniors and families through their programmes and services. Your giving can help transform the lives of these individuals in challenging situations. 

You can even donate as little as $1 dollar! The power of your dollar will multiply and make a big difference for many in our City of Good  heart 

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How BCCS Makes An Impact



Growing up, Erwanie struggled to find educational resources until she found BCCS, which provides holistic programmes and services to help students from low-income families, such as literacy, mentoring and skills training.

As a student, Erwanie was able to attend classes under their free tuition programme. Currently, 6 of her siblings are benefitting from the same programme and have been loaned 3 tablets to enable online learning. From being a tuition participant, she now serves alongside [email protected] to support other students in need.

Every individual deserves a chance to reach their potential.

Support Bartley Community Care Services as they walk the journey with the vulnerable, giving them hope to change their lives.

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How REACH Makes An Impact



As a child, Alfee showed traits of hyperactivity and scattered attention at school. Since joining REACH Community Services, he has become more sociable and mature in his thoughts and actions.

Through REACH Youth's FUNctional Fitness Programme, Alfee has made new friends and eventually joined more programmes and events, enabling him to further develop his social skills.

He is now entrusted with responsibilities such as guiding and coaching newcomers in the Mixed Martial Arts programme. Alfee has become a role model for the younger ones in REACH Youth. Alfee's journey of growth is truly admirable and one to be emulated by others.

Support REACH Community Services so youths like him can fulfil their potential and be a blessing to the community, showing that hope is within REACH.

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