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About Us

The Education Fund (EF) was set up in 1970 for the general advancement of education and is administered by the Ministry of Education.

The Education Fund accepts donations for both general and specific education purposes. Donors may consider the following:

* General Fund (to donate under the main EF page);
* Financial Assistance Fund (to donate under the campaign titled "Contributions to the Financial Assistance Fund"); or
* Lee Kuan Yew Education Fund (to donate under the campaign titled "Contributions in Memory of Mr Lee Kuan Yew".

Our Programmes

General Fund
Donations to the General Fund will be used to support programmes and projects which are generally for the advancement of education, with a focus on mainstream schools. The programmes are not limited to helping any specific group of students.

Financial Assistance Fund
Donations to the Financial Assistance Fund will be used to assist Singapore Citizen students from less advantaged background.

Lee Kuan Yew Education Fund (LKY Fund)
Donations to the LKY Fund will be used to fund the Lee Kuan Yew Awards. The Lee Kuan Yew Awards are special awards given out annually to outstanding students in schools, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), and the polytechnics, in recognition of their achievements in both academic and non-academic spheres.
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