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About Us

Established in October 1993, Epilepsy Care Group (Singapore) (ECG) is a social service agency that addresses the needs and concerns of people with epilepsy, their families and those in the community directly affected by the condition.

ECG is registered under the Societies Act, Chapter 311 on 12 December 1995 and Charities Act, Chapter 37 on 2 October 1996 and is domiciled in the Republic of Singapore. ECG is an approved Institution of a Public Character.

ECG has a Constitution as its governing instrument.

ECG is governed by the Executive Council, which is a governing body responsible in providing strategic direction and oversight of its programmes and objectives and steering it towards fulfilling its vision and mission through good governance. Reporting to the Executive Council are Sub-Committees that look into specific areas.

Our Programmes

Counselling. We provide counselling for people with epilepsy and their families on issues such as adjustment to epilepsy, family, school and employment problems.

Community Education. Many misconceptions that abound and prejudice still surrounds epilepsy. Our community educators provide services designed to improve community understanding and awareness. These include providing speakers for various professional and community groups, films, videos and an information and reference service.

Drop-In Centre. The Group has a drop-in centre for people with epilepsy and their families to meet and discuss their problems and share their thoughts.
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Goh Keng Hwee

Epilepsy Care Group (Singapore)

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