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ends 06 Jan 2020, 11:59 PM
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On 29 December 2019, six foreign domestic workers (FDWs) were enjoying their off-day outside Lucky Plaza when a car lost control and crashed into them. The impact resulted in two FDWs losing their lives while four other FDWs were conveyed to the hospital with injuries. The Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) understands that the two deceased FDWs have worked for many years in Singapore, and left behind family members. The injured FDWs are currently still being treated in the hospital and looked after by their employers and friends.

The Domestic Employees Welfare Fund would like to appeal to your kind generosity to support the grieving families of the two deceased FDWs, as well as the other FDWs who were injured in this accident. All donations will go fully towards the victims and/or their beneficiaries.

Any amount donated goes a long way towards helping them. Let's pray for the deceased. We wish the injured a speedy recovery too.

About the Charity

The Domestic Employees Welfare Fund (DEWF) was established in late 2016 by NTUC to help distressed domestic employees who approach the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) for assistance. The fund is managed by an appointed Board of Trustees together with CDE, and is administered in accordance with the Charities Act.

The objectives of the DEWF are to:

1. Assist by way of ex-gratia payments, subsistence allowances, repatriation cost (if applicable) to distressed domestic employees working in Singapore, when the circumstances warrant or in the event when employers have no means to fulfill their legal or employment-related responsibilities and obligations

2. Provide temporary shelter and medical support or otherwise; for distressed domestic employees when the circumstances warrant

3. Provide mediation and legal services for employment-related disputes resolution

4. Support engagement activities for domestic employees and promote understanding of local culture, ethics & norms for better social integration

5. Provide any assistance to distressed domestic employees or their next-of-kin where the Board of Trustees shall deem fit

6. Support upskilling, training and programmes to domestic employees where the Board of Trustees shall deem fit.

Please note that donations made after the second week of December may cross to the next year and tax exempt receipt may only be issued the next year.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.


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