DPA and MDAS Joint Flag Day

by Disabled People's Association


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The Disabled People's Association (DPA) and Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore (MDAS) will be having a joint Flag Day on 23 April 2016. We seek your help in raising the much needed funds for our disability programmes and services.

About DPA:
DPA's role is to advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities and those who support them. DPA does this by providing services such as facilitating disability awareness talks, creating research and publications, and hosting awareness raising events. Management and facilitation of these activities require funding. Flag Day is one of the venues DPA can raise funds for its activities. For more information about DPA, please visit: www.dpa.org.sg

About MDAS:
MDAS is a self-help organisation that provides care and support to people with Muscular Dystrophy, health and public education on Muscular Dystrophy, and supports medical research on Muscular Dystrophy. Their aim is to maximise the quality of life of people with Muscular Dystrophy and their families and to integrate them into society. For more information about MDAS, please visit http://www.mdas.org.sg/

About NPO

The Disabled People's Association (DPA) is the voice of people with disabilities. On the 28th April 1986 DPA became the first officially registered advocacy organisation in Singapore. DPA is the only organisation in Singapore dedicated to advocating with all persons with disabilities. It is our mission to work with them to achieve full participation and equal status in society through independent living.

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