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About Us

Disabled People's Association (DPA) is Singapore's only cross-disability non-profit organisation. We represent the disability community, working to build a fairer society where everyone can participate in all aspects of life from education to employment and access to social integration.

What we do?
A Voice of Our Own: We are an organisation for people with disabilities run by people with disabilities. We provide a platform for all people with disabilities to speak up and ensure their voices are heard.

How we do it?
We help the disability community have a voice in society by working with decision-makers in political, commercial and educational institutions so that no decision that impacts us is made without us. We also provide training for both people with disabilities and the public, so we can work together to create an inclusive, accessible society we are all proud of.

Our Programmes

Member Training and Social Events:
- DPA Inclusion Ambassadors (IAs): Members with disabilities trained by DPA to effectively engage the public to raise awareness and promote inclusion of people with disabilities at various outreach events.
- Project Sunshine: IAs run social events for IAs across the various zones in Singapore, building teamwork and providing leadership opportunities.

Training and Public Awareness:
- Disability Awareness Talks (DATS): Public education talks and workshops by IAs.
- Access Guides: IAs producing Access Guides in collaboration with Levelfield Consultants for public spaces so visitors with disabilities have information to plan their outings.
- Public Education: A three-year partnership with NCSS to support the See the True Me campaign, IAs run interactive 'Let's Chat' events aimed at promoting engagement between persons with and without disabilities.

Our Wish List


Our members with disabilities have been trained to run inclusion workshops where we share the proceeds from each engagement with them.

The current Covid-19 situation means that our team has started to work remotely, but our Inclusion Ambassadors need IT equipment such as laptops, tablets/iPads to help them all dial in and run their sessions whilst we all do our part to social distance. This will allow DPA and our members to continue to work and receive much needed income during this period.

If you have any IT equipment that is in working order but older and not being used please consider donating to DPA for us to give to our Inclusion Ambassadors.

If you have something to donate, please contact Marissa at [email protected]

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