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We are organizing a series of workshops and follow-up meetings for our beneficiaries over the period of 1st Aug to 30 Nov.

One of the main barriers our women face in their back-to-work journeys is lack of childcare to avail them to attend trainings. Added to that, many of them often face the difficult choice between putting their limited financial resources on food for their kids, or bus fare for training and job interviews.

We need financial support to help more women access self-development workshops while their kids are minded and engaged with meaningful learning activities.

Cost for each mother for every workshop = Transport + Meal = $10

Cost for each child for every workshop = Transport + Meal + Activity = $30

Make a donation now to help us raise $2,000 for our Women's Support Fund - to enable moms and children to attend development workshops with food and transportation taken care of over the next 3 months!

About NPO

Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is a registered charity organization in Singapore whose mission is to facilitate livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, and support them in building financially independent and resilient families. Our beneficiaries are women aged 20 to 60 who are from low-income families who currently face limitations on access to gainful employment due to child-rearing responsibilities, lack of flexibility in employment practices and lack of focused training and skills-enhancement. DOT comes in to complement and support existing training and workforce-related agencies by connecting volunteers and community resources to enable each woman on an individual level. By deep-diving into practical day-to-day constraints of these women, we offer hand-holding and individual coaching to help each woman reach regular and sustained employment. What we set out to achieve: - Job creation for underprivileged women whose talents are otherwise under-utilized. - Reduction of number of families in poverty. - More conductive environment for children from low-income brought about by financial upliftment. - Employment culture in Singapore that is socially-integrative.

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