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ends 31 Dec 2022, 11:59 PM
Raymond Low, a 24-year-old student pursuing his final year of studies at the National University of Singapore, has been volunteering at Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home (CSLMCH), organising recreational programmes for its residents alongside Trinity Methodist Church.

Life would have been very different now had it not been for CSLMCH. Raymond came into the Home as a 6-year-old along with his three other siblings and spent his entire childhood in CSLMCH. Today, he continues to receive help as a recipient of the CSLMCH Study Grant.

Growing up was tough for Raymond. On top of dealing with a difficult family situation, he struggled to fit in in school, and kept comparing himself with his peers. In later years, the thought of having to leave CSLMCH as he entered adulthood was unsettling too. However, at 18, he left the Home, not in fear and trepidation but with a sense of hope for his future.

"I'm very appreciative of CSLMCH for supporting me and giving me a home when I needed it the most. Not just food and shelter, but also the spiritual guidance, tuition support and enrichment programmes that shaped me into who I am today," Raymond shared.

Today, Raymond is giving back and hopes that you can too. Support CSLMCH by donating to help fund its programmes and services. Our children need us but we cannot do it without your support. Help us pave their future and ensure that they are never alone in the journey.

About the Charity

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home (CSLMCH) receives children from complex family backgrounds of abuse and neglect. Our goal is to transform these children into happy and responsible members of their respective families and the community at large. Besides providing shelter and basic needs for the residents, the Home has a holistic approach towards meeting the emotional & psychological needs of the children through activities and programmes recommended by educators and professionals. Although the Home receives funding, it is insufficient to provide for this holistic approach that would enable these children to grow up to be happy and responsible members of their respective families and the community at large.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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