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ends 31 May 2023, 11:59 PM
Since 2004, we have reached out to more than 65,000 individuals and families.

Families and individuals besieged with money problems tend to suffer mental, emotional and relationship distress. Our Debt Management Programme help alleviate stress, prevent family breakups, and mitigate thoughts of suicide, and has enabled many to have hope and see light at the end of their dark tunnel of financial struggles.

Our facilitated repayment arrangement enables distressed borrowers to discharge their debt obligations through their own financial means with hard work and discipline. They do so honourably while continuing to provide adequately for their families.

We also offer financial literacy programmes and services to the man in the street - someone who wishes to learn more financial literacy to become more financially capable, someone who desires to gain a better understanding of his financial position, someone who yearns to make better informed financial decisions and aspires to be financially resilient.

Through this CCS e-Flag Day campaign, we seek your generous donations and sponsorships to help us offer quality programmes and services, in an objective and professional manner, at low or no cost to our service users.

Donations raised through this campaign helps CCS to receive dollar-for-dollar matching from the Government.

Please join us to do good by bringing hope and peace of mind to the people we serve.

About the Charity

Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) was established in 2004, from an idea mooted by the State Courts.

We are in the sector of lending a helping hand to the under- and lesser-served to restore their financial wellness and build financial capability, so that they can become financially more resilient.

On top of offering financial literacy talks and workshops, we plug gaps to provide financial counselling and financial coaching that are important but less available at low or no cost.

The individuals and families we serve include:

1. Debt-distressed individuals and business owners who wish to honour their debt obligations.

2. Bankrupts and their families who wish to receive support to improve their psycho-social wellbeing, employability, and financial literacy.

3. Low-income families / financial assistance recipients to build financial capabilities by teaching them financial literacy coupled with financial coaching.

4. Young seniors from the heartland who wish to get better prepared financially for their retirement.

5. Members of the public who wishes to learn about the fundamentals of personal finance.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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