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About Us

The Counselling and Care Centre was the first counselling centre in Singapore. It was set up in October 1966 and was then known as the Churches Counselling Centre. In 1976, the Centre's name was changed to the Counselling and Care Centre to reflect its evolving mission of serving the community.

We depend on grants from the National Council of Social Service, programme fees and donations to meet our operating costs. Counselling, our main service, is provided at a subsidized rate. 94% of our clients received subsidies and 70% of them earn below $3,000 per month. Your donation will enable them to continue to seek help for their psychosocial issues without worrying about the affordability of counselling fee. By donating, you will definitely contribute to enabling our counselling service to be accessible and affordable to those in need.

Our Programmes

We provides three key services, namely counselling to individuals, couples and families, training to social service practitioners, and consultation to social service agencies.
  • Children & Youth
  • Families
  • Social Service

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Counselling and Care Centre

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