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ends 31 Mar 2022, 11:59 PM
Singapore has announced a strategic shift to reposition the future economy to one that has 'an increased focus on sustainability, both environmental and social'. This creates economic opportunities as Singapore is well-positioned to be a global sustainable finance hub.

As part of this shift, Conservation International envisions a fundamental change in how society leverages nature as a solution to climate change. Our expertise in Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) will support Singapore's strategy through commitments and innovations in scientific research, carbon credits, and climate finance.

Climate change is here. We must respond now, and we can't do it without nature. For Singapore to avoid the worst effects of climate change, we must accelerate the adoption and efficiency of NCS in finance and academia. To do this, we work with Singapore universities to build capacity and we also work with the public and private sectors to design local investment products to support the growing demand for scalable commercial climate solutions and NCS carbon credits.

Donations received will enable us to continue this work and ensure that Singapore is at the forefront of addressing climate change through financial and commercial progress. We will provide opportunity, guidance, sustainable products, and support job creation for technical carbon specialists, data analysts, and finance management.

All donations qualify for matching through the Tote Board Enhanced Fund-raising match.

About the Charity

Every breath we take, every bite we eat, it all starts with nature.

Everything that makes our lives and livelihoods possible has its origins in the natural world. Unfortunately, we are pushing nature beyond its limits. Our growing global population's demand for resources is depleting forests and oceans faster than they can recover. Nature has time to evolve, as it always has. Humans don't.


For more than 30 years, Conservation International has worked across the Asia-Pacific region to protect the nature that humanity depends upon. We work from the individual and community levels. We build partnerships and collaborate with NGOs, corporate partners, and government, to conserve the region's most vital remaining natural areas for the benefit of humanity.


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