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About Us

Compassion Fund aims to give early and timely assistance to PREVENT the students families from spiralling into poverty or developing other chronic family problems. It provides immediate assistance at the point of need to allow the family, time during the interim, to develop longer term solutions. It is the intent of the Compassion Fund to complement and not replace existing assistance schemes.

Our Programmes

1. Compassion Fund is a crisis response fund supporting needy students from low-income families facing a recent death, an illness or accident of a family member, resulting in loss of income, so as to ensure short term financial aid is available for students' education needs. 2. Case Management connects low-income families to community resources to empower them for long term sustainability. 3. NTUC food vouchers to provide temporary relief for eligible families before cash assistance is being disbursed. 4. Silver Lining program for complex families that may require intermediate support while navigating long term help. 5. Student Assistance Fund helps low-income students from these crisis cases who have maximized other sources of support with school pocket money expenses.
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