Philotimo, in Greek, encompasses the values of generosity and sacrifice without expecting return. Mission: To respond to those in need but neglected.

About Us

We are a group of HCI alumni who gathered recently to plan to set up a charitable foundation in due course.

In view of COVID-19, we decided to start-up with some initiatives to show appreciation to the frontline workers and to support underprivileged families hard hit in this trying situation. We believe we can reach out to a large group of well-wishers and donors, by tapping on our social networks and business contacts and using messaging platforms and social media, and together we can contribute something to the society.

Our Programmes

In May, we are organising a virtual mass walk for charity - called WeWalk for SG - to show appreciation to frontline workers and to raise an one-off fund for children and elderly from some families in need. We are collaborating with a web & app platform which enables users to participate in virtual races. We will rally our fellow alumni and their friends to participate in the event - to walk at home individually for a target distance over a 9-day period but together, to show solidarity with our frontline workers who work tirelessly; and to make donations in this fund-raising campaign.

We are raising donations for two charities: (i) Child At Street 11 - it provides early-years education to children from families that are economically challenged and whose parents don't have the ability to provide educational support to them; (ii) Brahm Centre - it provides support to vulnerable elderly in the form of case management and befriending, and promotes their mental health to enable them to find purpose in their old age.

In end-May, we will be conducting a webinar, called WePrepare for SG, to prepare PMETs affected by COVID-19 to face the challenges and get ready to return to normalcy. Through the engagement, in the follow-up outreach, we wish to create an eco-system of support to PMETs who fall through the cracks and may need psycho-social-financial support.
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