Our vision To be the light in the dark.

About Us

St. Andrew's Nursing Home (SANH) (Buangkok) is a service of St. Andrew's Mission Hospital.

Opened in November 2013, the psychiatric nursing home provides long term residential care for 300 residents, many whom are suffering from mental conditions and dementia.

In line with our vision to be the light in the dark, we live our values through the provision of nursing and rehabilitative care to all our residents with love and compassion. We have a dedicated team of more than 140 care staff, supported by 30 operations staff together with professions like doctors, pharmacist, physiotherapists and occupational therapists and psychologist/counsellor. We also have a chaplaincy team to support spiritual recovery programmes when needed. Our therapists organise various social activities, such as communal gardening, cooking, woodwork, sheltered workshops, painting and craftwork as part of occupational therapy, promote their end products at sales booths so that their confidence's level is built up and social skills are being developed. All residents with rehabilitative recovery potential have care plans which include regular exercises and activities to maintain, restore and maximise physical, basic daily activity functional abilities of our residents.

Our Programmes

Volunteer OpportunitiesSANH (Buangkok) is a 300 bedded Nursing Home facility located within Buangkok Green Medical Park. There are a total of 10 wards across five levels that house residents with dementia and stable psychiatric conditions. Apart from nursing care, we also promote rehabilitative and vocational training among our residents. We have many programmes to improve the neuro and social cognitive capabilities. We welcome groups, churches, organisations, community partners and individuals to join us as volunteers in our residents' care activities conducted. By interacting with our residents, our volunteers will be able to experience the joy of making a difference to the lives of our residents and giving them the chance to develop their social communication skills. A wide selection of activities are offered to engage and feed the soul, such as : 1. Supporting us as escorts for outings to local attractions and parks;2. Sponsoring us meals and connecting our residents with the communities through food appreciation; 3. Befriending them through mental activities, light physical exercises, simple arts & crafts, reminiscence sessions, music appreciation, Bingo, dancing, etc, and4. Defraying our operations costs through Cash and Donation-in-kind to enhance our psychotherapy, counselling, occupational / vocational therapy, employment training and placement; equipping our caregivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet care needs at home, etc.
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Gladys Ngiam

St. Andrew's Nursing Home (Buangkok)