SailSG Challenge is a commitment to serving the community through the sport of Sailing

About Us

We are a group of undergraduate students who met through the varsity sailing team at our university (NUS). As teammates, we want to share the joy of sailing with the community, by attempting to complete what we believe to be the first circumnavigation of mainland Singapore using only wind and sail power - the 'SailSG Challenge'.

Our Programmes

We first got the idea for the Challenge when the medical students in our group reflected on their hospital posting experiences. One experience that stood out was working with families facing the unexpected challenge of chronic diseases in their young children. The financial burden of medication, hospital visits and monitoring can deprive families and children of the time and space needed to live out a 'normal' childhood. COVID-19 has only worsened the financial impacts and complicated the road to recovery with measures like the strict visitor policy leaving many young patients feeling lonely and isolated from loved ones.

With our own teenage years not that far behind us, we found it easy to relate to the very similar challenges of young patients, such as schooling, friends, family matters and relationships. Having ourselves gone through these issues that they have to navigate on top of their illnesses, our hearts do go out to them and we want to express our support by doing something special for them - not as doctors or seniors, but as siblings and friends - through this sport that has brought us together.
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Loh Jia Yi

SailSG Challenge