Our organisation is committed to serve as a bridge between society and individuals with cerebral palsy, providing more emotional and financial support

About Us

Hi, guys! Project Synapses 2022 is back for another year!

Formed by students from Hwa Chong Institution, Victoria Junior College, and St. Andrew's Junior College, our project aims to provide more care and help for people with cerebral palsy and their families.

Collaborating with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS), we wish to truly empathise with people living with cerebral palsy and share our compassion with the public with our utmost respect. We aim to establish a platform for the public to learn more about cerebral palsy to better understand the current situations of cerebral palsy patients and the potential challenges encountered by them. By doing so, the needs of cerebral palsy patients could be addressed more effectively. Ultimately, we strive to let cerebral palsy patients feel understood, accepted, and welcomed by society.

Through our activities and campaigns, we also want to inspire more passionate and compassionate youths to join us to help cerebral palsy patients and contribute back to society.

Our Programmes

Due to the ease of the COVID-19 safety measures, this year, Project Synapses 2022 is going to carry out events both online and physically to reach out to a wider audience.

From now till the end of September, we will hold online fund-raising programmes through and our official Instagram account(@project _synapses). People who want to help can directly donate money to us though Paynow and PayLah.

This year, we have mainly planned three major events to help cerebral palsy patients and raise public awareness about it.

The first event is Colourful Canvas. In this event, we hope to create a channel for the public to appreciate the artworks painted by our clients. All of the activities will be conducted online, which aim to promote awareness among the public of the creativity of our clients and attract enthusiastic art lovers to purchase our clients' paintings to raise funds for them.

The second event is CPALS. In this event, we hope to provide opportunities for our volunteers to interact with our clients physically, which would help us better understand our clients' ways of living and empathise with our clients better. Also, we hope to raise public awareness about cerebral palsy by posting our volunteers' reflections after their visits to CPAS.

The third event is the fundraising event. In this event, we are going to sell specially designed goods both online and physically to the public to raise funds for our clients.
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Sun Yuang

Project Synapses