Our organisation is committed to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer patients and survivors.

About Us

Our Youth For Causes (YFC) Project Meraki (may-rah-kee), is Greek for the idea of adding love, and the essence of yourself into everything you do as a wonderful way to spread love and happiness! As a team of students who would like to show our support for Breast Cancer patients and survivors, it would be our absolute joy if we were given the opportunity to, likewise, pour our hearts into a project that could raise awareness for the Breast Cancer Foundation and spread some love to the community as well!

Set up in 1997, BCF is committed to raising awareness about breast cancer through talks, events and publications that advocate early detection through regular screening. BCF supports survivors and their families through various counselling and training activities. They also have an active social media presence on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, sharing stories of breast cancer survivors and ways to support those who are undergoing treatment (Pink Tips series).

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women today in Singapore. Blessed with this opportunity to partner with the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF), we are determined to use this chance to raise awareness of breast cancer and early detection among our peers as these subjects of conversation or not as common as they should be, especially among people of our age group.

Our Programmes

Our YFC project will carry out numerous initiatives throughout the year, along with raising awareness on social media regularly.

Firstly, we will be selling cute pink themed merchandise. Secondly, we will also be hosting a Pass-A-Rose programme to show love and appreciation for our cherished ones. These initiatives will hopefully allow us to raise funds for BCF.

Additionally, we will be raising awareness through our Instagram and Tiktok accounts, by sharing experiences of breast cancer survivors, busting myths about breast cancer, teaching our viewers how they can show support to those afflicted, and sharing early detection tips.
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Project Meraki

Project Meraki