MTC is a programme of Movement of the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).

About Us

Me Too! Club is a programme to enhance the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) through leisure and befriending activities. It is best suited for PWIDs who cannot participate in community-based services due to health reasons and/or other reasons or would prefer a less intensive programme.

We are a group of volunteers who plan and execute programmes for our clients - adults with intellectual disabilities (aged 16 and above) who are not currently receiving any services (please let us know if you know anyone who will benefit from this programme!).

1. Who are the clients served?
Clients are adults with intellectually disability, aged 16 and above, who are not receiving any services. Most of them are in their mid 20s. Our youngest client is 19 and oldest is 67. Our clients stay at home and join our activities when available. They are all very fun-loving!

2. Where are activities held?
MTC activities are held islandwide depending on the type of activity!

3. When are activities held?
Activities are mostly held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1.00pm - 4.00pm, and Wednesdays from 10.30am - 12.30pm.

4. How can I help?
We have 3 kinds of volunteers in MTC - Regular, Adhoc, and Befrienders. Regular volunteers join multiple activities as and when they are available, and conduct home visits to our clients. Adhoc volunteers join activities at least once a month when they have the time. Befrienders only conduct home visits to clients. Contact us if you are keen to join us as a volunteer! (Or visit and write your name to indicate your attendance for our activities)

5. What if I can only volunteer outside office hours?
You can join us as a befriender and make home visits to our clients when you are available!

6. What benefits do I get from volunteering?
You can attend volunteer courses by MINDS allied health professionals and other vendors like Social Service Institute, join volunteer welfare events, receive stipend (if conditions are met), etc. Join our MTC family to make friends and get to make a change in our clients' lives!

Our Programmes

A series of courses/activities that are of interest to the clients and enhances their well-being. We have engaged our clients in art and craft, animal-assisted activities, baking, bowling, physical activities, rock-climbing, and more!

Monthly outings are organized so that clients are kept abreast of the changes happening in Singapore. We have brought clients to places of interest as well as public events to keep them updated of local trends. We also welcome corporate partners to plan outings with us!

Befrienders are assigned to clients of Me Too! Club. Befrienders visit the clients at flexible timings to chit chat with them, do puzzles and crafts, bring them out, etc. Befriending is a special programme as clients get to have 1-1 interaction opportunities that they do not get during activities and outings. Clients also get to have a special friend to visit them in their house, which is life-changing for them!
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