Me Too! Club (MTC) is a programme of MINDS, which aims to enhance the social integration of PWIDs through recreational and leisure activities.

About Us

We are a group of volunteers who plan and execute programmes for our members - adults with intellectual disabilities (aged 16 and above).

1. Who are the clients served?
Members are adults with intellectually disability, aged 16 and above, who are not receiving any services. Most of them are in their mid 20s. Our youngest client is 16 and oldest is 59. They are all very fun-loving!

2. Where are activities held?
MTC activities are held islandwide depending on the type of activity!

3. When are activities held?
Activities are mostly held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10.00am - 12.00pm or 2.00pm - 4.00pm

4. How can I help?
We have 2 kinds of volunteers in MTC - Activity Supports and Befrienders. Activity supports join activities at least once a month to mingle with everyone in a group setting. Befrienders conduct at least 10 home visits to members living near them. Contact us if you are keen to join us as a volunteer! (Or visit and write your name to indicate your attendance for our activities)

5. What if I can only volunteer outside office hours?
You can join us as a befriender and make home visits to our clients when you are available!

6. What benefits do I get from volunteering?
You can attend volunteer courses by MINDS and other vendors like Social Service Institute, join volunteer welfare events, receive stipend (if conditions are met), etc.

Join our MTC family to make friends and get to make a change in our members' lives!

Our Programmes

Enrichment Activities
Enrichment activities are curated according to the interests and well-being of members. Each series of activities runs for at least 10 weeks.

Parties & Excursions
Parties & excursions are organized at least once a month to keep members updated of changes happening in Singapore in a light-hearted and fun manner.

Virtual/Online Engagements
Virtual/online engagement sessions occur on the Zoom platform at least once a week for members to interact and have fun with each other in a safe online space.

Volunteers engage members at home or in the neighbourhood, with caregivers present. Engagement includes conducting enrichment activities and life coaching on public communication skills.
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