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LOVE99 - Walk Of Commitment
Organized by Singaporeans for Singapore to spark meaningful conversations about love.
We found that couples often talk ONLY when problems arise. We don't communicate anymore. Not just verbally but actions are not taken!

The Married Engaged & Dating will go for a
WALK virtually as a testament to their commitment.
CELEBRATE their intentions with CELEBRATION OF COMMITMENT LIVE SHOW featuring a real solemnisation and stories of couples., LEARN best communication practices from experts in the lead up and fundraise for a note worthy CHARITY - Centre For Fathering.

This would achieve the objectives of strengthening marriage and parenthood, making it achievable and inspiring one to take action through role modeling of stories.

Our Motto: We truly believe that Love is a Marathon, an Intention, a Commitment.

##Virtual Walk##
Anytime Anywhere till 26/12/2021

##In Person Celebration of Commitment Live Show##
12/12/2021 9 am onwards Fort Canning

Sign up on https://Love99.co
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LOVE99 - Walk of Commitment