Creight Co is a community group that aims to solve that problem by offering beautiful hearts like yours hobby based volunteering opportunities.

About Us

We are a volunteering group in Singapore that organises Art and Craft Activities and Skill-Based Workshops and Talks for the elderly in the community.

We partner with corporates, schools and senior activity centres around Singapore to bring light-hearted and enjoyable events to elderly in the heartlands. We have been doing so since December 2017 and have expanded islandwide since.

Our Programmes

Creative Projects: We organise various workshops to teach various skills and hobbies for our different groups of beneficiaries to help them pick up a skill, or simply to enjoy and unwind.

Community Events: Small scale talks and events to reach out to not only our beneficiaries but our community as a whole to spread awareness about various topics and issues.

Campaigns for Change: We raise awareness for various campaigns, organised by different schools and community projects and organisations like ourselves to hopefully make a difference positively in our community.
  • Arts & Heritage
  • Community
  • Elderly
  • Health

Ms Pei

The Creight Company