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1 in 10 people in Singapore suffer from some form of mental illness. Behind their smiling faces are stories that they are not ready to tell. They might be suffering in silence and are afraid to open up to the world in fear of reprisal. These people might be your parents, spouses, siblings, friends or even colleagues. Yet, mental illness is still heavily stigmatised. You have the power to help them get out of the dark and bring light into their world. Sometimes all they need is a hug as an assurance that you are there for them. This month, join us in support of Mental Health Awareness Campaign, and do your part to alleviate this stigma in society. It all begins with a simple act of giving.

There are 6 Social Service Organisations (SSOs) that Community Chest supports:

1. Alzheimer's Disease Association (Specialised Caregiver Support Service (Dementia))
2. Club Heal (HEALing Friends)
3. National Council of Social Service (Peer Specialist)
4. SPD (I.M.Powered)
5. Singapore Anglican Community Services (Project H.I.R.E - Employment Internship Programme)
6. Singapore Association for Mental Health (Bukit Batok Gombak Homes, Insight Centre and Oasis Day Centre)

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About NPO

We are a fund-raising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). As such, our role and purpose are aligned with NCSS to ensure that every person has the opportunity to live a life of dignity to his or her fullest potential within our society. We raise funds to support social service organisations so that they can do what they are best at - caring for and serving the less advantaged. Community Chest was established in 1983 with a simple yet vital mission - to raise funds for the many social service organisations of the nation. It is about raising funds from the community for the community in need. Social service organisations supported by Community Chest are then able to do what they are best at - providing critical social service programmes to help children with special needs, youths-at-risk, adults with disabilities, frail and lonely elderly, families facing difficulties and persons with mental health issues. Over the years, Community Chest has built an enduring trust and partnership with many organisations, foundations and individuals and raised millions of much-needed dollars that enabled us to care for our beneficiaries. At the heart of it all is our Patron-in-Chief, President Tony Tan Keng Yam, who will be lending his support to our fund-raising social service organisations.

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